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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tea Cosy Pattern

I am really excited about this--I've written my first pattern!  After I made the tea cosy for my tea pot my father started going on and on about how it wasn't an original Brown Betty teapot.  My Mother came up with the brilliant idea to get him his own Brown Betty for Christmas, and I would make a tea cozy for it.  Ordering the teapot was the easy part!  The original factory (Cauldon Ceramics) is still going, and you can order from their site, however the shipping was slow.  Communication was terrible and they never returned my email asking where my teapot was, I had to eventually call to get answers!  I think the problem might be they only make them as required, but they don't tell you a thing!  Regardless, it arrived in perfect condition, and I'm really pleased.

Now to the fun part--the pattern.  I wanted something manly, since it was for my Dad, and searching the web I didn't find anything to my taste.  Since I really want to start writing my own patterns I thought this would be a great way to start.  Here goes:

Dad's Tea Cosy

This tea cosy is to fit a 4 cup teapot (which I have learned translates into 2 mugs).  I used a colour change wool for added effect.  

5mm needles
Wool used, Patons Colour Works Aran

Gauge: 7 stitches and 7 rows = 1”

CO 43 stitches

Knit 4 rows
Add 5 stitches evenly along next row (48 stitches)

2x2 rib (knit 2, purl 2) until pieces measures 6.5”

Make Eyelet holes for drawstring:
k2 p2, (yfwd, k2tog, p2, k2, p2) repeat 5 times yfwd, k2tog, p2

2x2 rib for 4 rows

Knit 4 rows

cast off

Sew the pieces together for 4 cm at the top and bottom using yarn ends still attached to the pieces.
Make a plaited cord using 6 strands of wool, each about 60cm long. Weave the cord through the eyelets, pull up and tie in a bow.
Front side with drawstring cord

Back side of cosy


  1. It's PERFECT! I love the depth of colour. Congrats on the first pattern, and thank you for sharing it :-)


  2. Congratulations on your first pattern. It must be very exciting to publish your own design. It looks great! The gathering at the top is really cute.

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments--they made my day!


I love comments almost more than chocolate. Now that is saying something.

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