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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Addictive knits

I've just recently discovered something so addictive I feel like I shouldn't even talk about, lest more people become addicted and lose precious hours of their day to it. However, since this IS a knitting blog, and I'm having so much fun, I will. 

I just started a 10 Stitch scrap blanket, and it is divine. The other day I drank a strange combination of wine (with dinner) and tea (after dinner) and somehow ended up with energy to burn and a craft closet to clean out. It looks wonderful now, and it got me to thinking I should start another scrap blanket. I made a crochet one years ago now (I love it),  but that didn't use up the tiny little bits I've been storing, and I feel like the 10 Stitch will. So I put all the smallest pieces in a basket, and let the girls lay them out in the order they wanted me to use them, and I got going. It is really very easy, though I didn't do the daisy join right the first time, but I soon realized I wasn't slipping the stitch on the reverse side correctly and once I'd fixed that--presto!

The thing I most love about scrap blankets is that they can be ugly to everyone but the person making it. I like to think about each yarn as I use it--where I bought it, what I used it for, who I gave the project to. It is a lovely little trip down memory lane, and so very enjoyable. For some reason, it is also highly addictive, and I am having trouble putting it down. The laundry lays neglected, the kids are playing too much computer, the husband really deserves help with the fence, but here I sit, knitting. It is really quite addictive.

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