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Sunday, September 17, 2017

I'm mostly canning tomatoes

When I looked at my blog post list and saw the last time I posted was in March.....I was a little ashamed of myself. But only a little. Spring, summer, fall, they are all busy times here on our little farm. I've been knitting, but I've also become caretaker of some sheep, planted a big garden, went on vacation (yay!), and currently I'm canning. A lot. Mostly tomatoes but today I made some pickled miso vegetables I'm eager to try. 

Before I go much further, because this is a crafting/knitting blog, these are my future yarn providers. They are Border Leicheters, and really rather spoiled girls. The ewe in the background there is going to be bred in a few weeks, the others will wait until next year when they are old enough. The black sheep is actually something else......part Icelandic I think. She was bought as a meat sheep but we all sort of fell in love with her.

In April I went on a trip to Seattle with my sister and niece, and I bought myself some Frabjous Cheshire Cat Mini Skeins. Then I came home and made a Sugar Maple top. I had almost enough, but ended up getting another skein to finish it. Poor me, I have almost an entire skein I'll have to use up on another project. I really love how the top turned out, and last night I wore it to dinner. I finished it in July and just managed to get my daughter to snap a few pictures. This yarn is so super soft, it felt wonderful wearing it. 

I've got to run now and get the girls to someplace or other, I'll post my latest project as soon as I can (it won't take 6 months, I'm too proud of it).

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