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I wrote the "Meet Me" about 5 years ago, and my goodness so much has changed. I sat here for a minute to think about what I wanted to say about myself now, that was different then before

My name is Andria, and I am American by birth.  At the grand age of 32 I became a British citizen as well.  I currently reside in Scotland, and a fine country it is.  I am a wife, a mother to almost 5 year old twin girls (fraternal not identical).  Eons ago I studied horticulture and agriculture,  and now I'm a stay at home Mom while my girls grow.  Crafting is my passion (obsession), with knitting currently in the forefront.  I also sew, cross stitch, cook & bake.  I am always open to learning new things.  My husband is finishing up his medical degree, and then we are going to save like mad for a few years and hopefully buy enough land for a few sheep and chickens.

That's me in a nutshell.  I'm new to blogging and it is really enjoyable.  I love meeting every talented one of you.

And I realized what I wanted to say was this: life is unexpected and wonderful. In the past 10 years I've lived in three countries on three continents and I've seen and done some wonderful things. There have been hard times, and there have been a few disappointments and loss. But overall, the last 10 years have been amazing. We just celebrated out 13th wedding anniversary and we are achieving a lot of the goals we set out when we first met. I have a full time job that I love, and that uses both by brain and my body. Our girls are thriving, and we recently bought a forever home that is so perfect for us is seems like everything was leading up to us being here. We living in the United States again, we have 15 chickens and 2 dogs, and room to have sheep, pigs, and whatever other livestock we want if we are patient. I still knit like crazy, and sew, and cook, there are just less hours in the day to accomplish it all.
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