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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's all about the yarn

The mere fact that I am not showing you the lavender cardigan again this week is cause for celebration! 

Instead I've started the same Tanvi cardigan in a new yarn for my other daughter.  The yarn she chose is Sirdar Snuggly 4ply.  it is 55% nylon, 45% acrylic.  It is soft, and lovely, and I'm enjoying knitting with it.  I'm also finding that this time I don't mind making a second one, as there were a few things that I didn't like the first time around.  Before I blame the pattern on being poorly written in sections, I need to figure out if it is just me (pretty sure it's me!).

So without further ado, here's where I'm at:

See how I tried to sell that and I'm only a couple of inches into it?  Oh well, these appear to be quick knit cardigans, so I'll check back in next WIP Wednesday and we'll see how far I've gotten.

Before I go, I'll quickly add in the books I've been reading.  First up is The Sheik, by E.M. Hull.  

How I came to read a romance/adventure novel written in the 1920's by a farm housewife, I'll never know (or maybe it is just that I am sucker for free e-books?).  Why I kept reading it is a no brainer.  It was fun!  Overly ridiculous, yes, but I don't read romance novels so maybe that is normal. 

I'm also just finishing up Organized Simplicity.  I've been seeing it about in blogland, and I loved it!  Seriously, I want to get rid of 1/2 my stuff and get on a plane to a new life.  Check back in a year and let's see how close I am to making that happen!!


  1. I am loving the colour of the new cardigan, really pretty.


  2. You picked such a cute sweater! Love the yarn and the color you chose-it's going to look terrific.

  3. Very pretty color really! I should check this Organized Simplicity, I wish I could get rid of all the clutter around :)

  4. She picked out a great color, and it's looking great!

  5. Oh, I'm SO JEALOUS of these projects! I wish I there was a little girl in my life!

  6. Your summary of The Sheikh is making me giggle and also want to read said book at the same time. :)

  7. Gorgeous colour. And Yeh! for a quick knit. I strive to be clutter free, but I don't think I'll ever reach the stage of travelling light for a new life. Not out of choice, at least.

  8. I read The Sheik last year, and your summary is just about right. It is ridiculous, like beyond over the top, and makes my inner feminist growl in frustration - but at the same time it is kinda fun.

  9. I have been eyeing the Sirdar Snuggly for a while now and seeing that start to your cardi I think I will cave in :)

  10. The new cardigan will be lovely! Yessss...I am decluttering ruthlessly (except for my crafting stuff lol) before the baby comes!

    I found you via Frontier Dreams' KCCO. This is my project of the week:

  11. Love the color! I'm decluttering too, so I may have to check that book out. Thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday.


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