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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eeekkk, I've got knitters hand

Great news on my WIP life-- we got the visas for Australia!  We leave February 4 and fly to Melbourne, arriving in our new home on February 7.  I'm so excited that everything is falling into place.  Of course, that all brings new drama, such as finding a place to live, getting the kids settled in school, getting ready to start work full time again, less time for knitting.  But I'm soooo excited!!

I took this picture on our trip in Ocbtober
I will also go straight ahead and admit I've been knitting a LOT lately.  In the last month I've knit a hat, a sweater, and so far about 6 dish cloths.  I'm also working on a Gemini top.  I had started one ages and ages ago, but I messed up a stitch at the top and it is sitting in time out.  Right now that means it is sitting in a storage facility in Glasgow and I won't be reunited with it until probably April.  So I started a new one.  I'm using Cotlin yarn, in pomegranate.  I love the yarn, I love the color.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Also, my Dad made the table my knitting is sitting on.  How cool is that?

However all the knitting (and a bit of crochet), plus using my Mom's computer, whose desk is apparently unsuitable for me, had led to "knitters hand" and carpel tunnel.  The knuckle at the base of my pointer finger (first knuckle? joint?) is very sore to the touch. I have been forced to rest and not knit for a few days, and it sucks.  I'm feeling better today so I'm going to stop typing and rest some more.  My Gemini needs me!

Here's the same picture as last week, but with different yarn.  My Mom wanted in on the dish cloth party and she bought some multi-colored yarn that will go with her kitchen.  Don't even both trying to see the pattern, it is impossible with this yarn. The other patterns looked better, I'll post about them on Friday I think.

That's it from me today.  I'm off to take the dog to the groomer.  Here is her "before picture."



  1. Oh No! I hope your hand feels better soon. Even with the injury you have been very busy!

  2. Oh wow -that's a big step! Australia - hope you keep on blogging :) Get your knitters hand better with all those WIPs waiting x

  3. Yay to the visa getting there and for the big move. Boo to the knitting rest, I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

  4. Wow, hope your move all goes smoothly and your hand feels well enough to knit more soon.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about the hand, as a fellow knitter, by heart goes out to you! I love how positive you have been about this huge life change!

  6. Good luck with the move!
    I also suffer from carpal tunnel periodically and it is awfully frustrating not being able to continue to knit and blog, so I really feel for you!
    I do hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Hope your hand gets better!! And good luck with the move!!
    The Gemini is looking beautiful-- I love the color!

  8. I just knitted something up in what looks like that exact color! It's so lovely :)

  9. Congratulations on getting your Visas! I would be doing a lot of knitting too if I knew that my time for it would be cut in the near future. Hooray for your latest adventure.

  10. So exciting! I've heard Australia is very outdoorsy, I hope your knitting time doesn't suffer too much!

  11. Australia is the best place to bring up children these days. Hope your move will be easy and the transitions will be drama free.


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