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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

and then this happened

So I had just finished frogging the blue Gemini I talked about in my last WIP post. I had even found a new pattern for it, a tank top in honor of the fact that spring will be here soon. I had started the gauge swatch. And then this happened:

And that poor, abused, frogged and re-frogged Sirdar Calico went straight out the window. When the Post Man knocked on my door and handed me the impatiently waited for yarn, it was all I could do not to shut the door quickly and run to the craft room. Seriously, he wants to make small talk now, doesn't he know the bag he just handed me holds yarn!!

And then I had the age-old dilemma of which yarn to use first, what project called to me? In all honesty I had set my mind on some summer tops (that's what the other two yarns are for, and yes, I'm in a teal phase), with no sleeves. But, it was raining, and the Malabrigo Rios is so, so pretty. So I went with that, because you have to do what you have to do.

I cast on Flowing Lines.  

Did I have trouble with the boat neck collar? Yes, yes I did. I had to rip back and re-join once, but only once so I'm counting that as a victory. Then I got paranoid it wouldn't be big enough (I'm still not sure) so I have taken it off the needles twice to try it on. I think it will be OK, but time will tell. Now I'm just hoping I have enough yarn to make it long sleeve (though 3/4 would be just fine). Does everyone worry this much when knitting or is it just me?

I am so in love with this project!! 


  1. I'm worrying if I have enough yarn, I do it all the time. 90% of the time I'm okay. I can see why you love this knit :)

  2. Yes I do. Even though I typically buy one more skein than I think I'll need. I generally worry if I'll have enough yarn.

  3. Yep I'm a worrier to, that yarn is so gorgeous such a great color, nothing like new yarn to cheer the heart.

  4. Oh that yarn is delicious. I remember having curtains as a child that had those very colors in them. I loved them.

    The pattern is really nice, it looks a bit like smocking.

  5. Oh what DELICIOUS colours - talk about serious yarn envy!

  6. Love love love how your Flowing Lines is knitting up in that gorgeous yarn! I need some of that Rios in my life! Usually I am pretty easy going with my knitting, but there is one project right now that is thwarting me to no end. It might be headed for the frog pond soon.

  7. Yep, worry about the project the entire time. Top down raglan at the moment has me bothered. Not sure the sleeves will be right. Did I make them too big??? I am telling myself it doesn't matter, this will just be a throw on cozy sweater with some very aged Malabrigo I have. If it turns out perfect I will tell myself of course I knew it would! Love the Rios, I have two skeins marinating in the stash for a shawl.

  8. Oh, these Flowing lines are so beautiful! Gorgeous yarn!


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