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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Momentary monogamy

Hi! I've been having a great stretch of knitting. I cast on a second Saffron cardigan.....

 .....and knit only that until after the runched belt detail. Then I got distracted by the wool in my closet and decided I need to cast on a February Lady cardigan. Which I'm calling a July Lady since that's our equivalent winter month in the southern hemisphere.

I'm using SMC Northern Worsted wool and I love it. It is like knitting a hug. I hope hope hope it fits as well as I want it to.

And lastly, because it is too small for its own FO post, here is the charity hat hubby encouraged me to make:

The pattern is Dizzy, and the yarn is Jarol Sweet Briar DK.  

That's it from me this week, see you next time! 


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh yes, I'm in love........

I am a very happy girl this week. I kicked it into high gear and got the sleeves done on my top. And I love it, blemishes and all. And no, I'm not going to point out all the mistakes. I can live with them, and no one else needs to look that hard!

I am now fairly certain the girls take better pictures than I do.

Pattern: Baby Cables and Big Ones too
Yarn: Stylecraft Life DK

I hit the stall button once I got to the sleeves. Then I put my big-girl pants on, bought some longer DPN's, and they flew off the needles. Turns out I love the sleeves most of all. I'm pretty sure that Suvi Simola is a genius. Even my  husband said it was my best project ever. Uhm, yeah, because the pattern kicked butt

Also awesome, I have enough yarn left over to knit a wee cardigan I have my eye on (at least, I think there is enough left over).

Take care, happy crafting!!
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