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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Knock knock, is that you Autumn?

I love the fall!! I've been working on the west side of Michigan the last week and a half, and man, the leaves are starting to turn. It is gorgeous, and the weather has been fantastic. I've got a cold at the minute, so I'm sleeping as much as possible.

I've been making good progress on Rori's tiny tea leaves. The body is finished, as well as one sleeve and the button bands.  She's excited! I couldn't wait and cast on Isla's tiny tea leaves as well, but it is on hold because I'm so close to being done with Rori's.

Lastly, I've been making slow progress on the quilt. I've got the first two rows done, but not joined together just yet. It seems that things keep getting in the way. At any rate, you can see how it is shaping up. Jess thinks it is a good place to rest her head.  

I've just moved all my "office stuff" into our spare bedroom, so for the first time in a long time my office is separate from my craft room. We will see how I like that. It is necessary though, because the sun room I have been using is going to be cold this winter, and I can knit anywhere (normally sitting at the computer or on the couch!

That's all from me just now, take care and see you on Friday if I can organize a photo of the new sweater!


  1. Autumn is beginning to slide in here too, not as colourfully as your autumn though. Your knitting looks brilliant, I am knitting something at the moment but it isn't growing nearly as fast as I'd like it too :) Something to do with being at work more than necessary...!

  2. beautiful knitting projects! Lovely sweater :) we are seeing autumn signs daily now :)

  3. Beautiful sweaters! I think that I might have to make one of those for my daughter . . .

  4. I love the colors of those sweaters! I should make one for my little girl...The quilt is lovely as well! I haven't tried quilting before, I'm a little intimidated. Maybe this winter I will try it out though...we could certainly use more blankets...the cold it is a comin!

  5. The quilt is gorgeous, as well as those sweaters! Great vibrant colors.

  6. Those sweaters are the most gorgeous colours, especially that blue. Love the quilt too.


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