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Friday, November 14, 2014

If you are happy, I am happy

Hello Friday!! I love the weekend, even though I've had a pretty great week. I have two FO's to share today. 

The first, a headband, I made over a month ago and forgot about. It was one of those, "I really need a quick project so I can feel like I'm accomplishing something" deals. Also excellent stash-busting. I ended up gifting it to my co-worker, because I'm just not a headband kind of girl. I guess. I keep trying.

The pattern is Winter Morning, and it is free. The yarn is from my stash, absolutely lovely soft stuff, Wendy Viva.

The latest project I've finished is a hat for fellow blogger Anke's friend. She had a shout out a few weeks ago asking for hats for her friend who is facing some health issues. The idea grabbed hold of me at once, and I cast on that day. I wobbled for a while, thinking the yarn didn't match the pattern. And maybe it doesn't, but let me tell you, I think it is lovely in person. The yarn is super soft and I think it will feel lovely against her skin.   

Pattern: Foliage Hat
Yarn: King Cole Inspire 


  1. I wish i could wear hats or headbands. They just don't work with my big head. LOL. Your items are lovely, the yarn in the hat is just gorgeous.

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  3. I have already posted a comment but it disappeared ?!? So I shall try again. I am not a headband sort of person but I do love the colourway you used, I'm glad it is the weekend too - I've got a bit behind with my knitting and I really really hope I can get some knitty action! Have a good weekend

  4. I'm not a hat or headband wearer either - they just end up looking wrong! That hat is lovely and will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh that's great that you made the looks very soft...Thanks for the headband pattern..I wore one the other day and thought..I need to make more of these....

  6. Those headbands are perfect for people like me, who don't like to squash hair under a hat on the way to work ... I made a few, and I call them 'earwarmers.' :-)

  7. I'm always being asked to make headbands. I will have to check out that pattern.


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