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Monday, March 27, 2017

In which I force my knitting on people

Right after Christmas I went on a small work-related road trip with two ladies that I like a lot. Over the course of the couple of days I had decided to make one a cabled hat, and the other asked for a messy bun hat for running. All it takes is a couple of compliments on my knitting and I am off and running. Oh the joy when people WANT me to knit something for them.

First up, I knit Father Cables, with a blue Lions Brand yarn I had leftover from my Bloomsbury sweater. This pattern is free, and I loved knitting it. I just love cables, I do!

I decided to give her the hat for her birthday in February, and she loves it. I won't post a picture of her on the blog, but you can see it well enough on Poly. 

Next up I took a look at messy bun hats. I didn't really want to try to crochet, and I didn't want it plain and boring. She did ask for brightish colors since she would wear it for running, and she does like my Hermione Hat that I keep in my work car. So, all that sorted, I used another stash yarn-- Loops and Threads Impeccable Ombre (it hurt my hands but I got it done), and the Hermione Hat pattern (free!).

 It looks really rather funny to me, and I think the opening is too high, but maybe that is just me. I used another free messy bun pattern to do the opening, and there are so many different way to do it. Here is a bad bathroom picture of me in it:
All in all, a few fun hats. I also ran into another co-worker that crochets for a kids charity up north. I made her a bunch of hats last year and she was sniffing around for more, so I guess I had better get started on those one of these days........

Lastly, you've earned a moment of zen, compliments of Biscuit


  1. I love both hats! the pony tail one is so practical and I wonder why it wasn't invented sooner???


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