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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I will soldier on, really I will

Being rather pleased with myself for having finished the left front of my leaf cardigan, I started reading how to join the pieces together.  And that is when I realized....................I was just not doing it right.  By all accounts it isn't a big deal, I am simply making the pattern with the sleeves, rather than the sleeveless (rather, very short sleeve) one that I wanted to make.  I had a slight niggling about it early on which I simply forgot in my exuberance to get it going.  Sigh.  This cardigan is in the time out corner.  I have to figure out whether I want to finish it as it is, or tear it out and start all over again.  At the end of the day I feel I should make the one I wanted, which means..................well let's just not talk about it.

So after I found a place to stash the cardi where I cannot look at it for a few days (or weeks if I'm honest) I immediately went onto Ravelry to see what else I could cast on.  Yes, I have a serious problem.  Because you are probably not forgetting that I am also working on:
           *  a chubby chirp
           *  a blanket
           *  a secret gift for someone
           *  a pair of kids socks--again, to be fair, I do not think I'll      finish these.  It recently occurred to me that I made a Barbie dress out of the yarn and I don't think I'll have enough for two socks.  No big deal, I wasn't feeling the love with these anyway.

Instead of casting on I've used all my willpower to work on the projects I already have on the go.  I'll have to wait a wee while for something new.  I'm almost done with my Chubby Chirp, here are all his little pieces.  Someone was desperate to be in the picture.  Please ignore her outfit--we were cleaning out the wardrobe for spring and she has............interesting taste!!

Sorry for a text heavy, picture light post.  Here's where I'm sharing the creative joy:


  1. I love it when kids dress themselves - the creativity is always so fun ;)

    I desperately want to cast on something new - ignoring the fact that I am currently working on a cardigan, a vest, 2 different pairs of socks and a pair of fingerless mitts... I should try and find some of this willpower you speak of!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your cardi! Thats terrible! :( The chirpy chirp and your daughters outfit are both super cute though. :)

  3. At least your daughter matched stripes with stripes for her shirts though, heehee. I'm also sorry to hear about the cardigan, we've all had those experiences. It does help to get some distance from the project for a while though.

  4. Yup, I know what you mean, when I get stuck with a WIP or not feeling it, I cast on something new and end up with a myriad of UFO's flying around :)
    Good on you for carrying on with chirpy

  5. Uh huh, let's just not talk about it then! Yay for finishing up some WIPs!

  6. Hey about the kid socks, just keep in mind that the kid feet were just gonna grow right out of 'em anyway. ;)

  7. I love her outfit! I have 3 who still dress like that. The way I see it is, kids want control of something in their life. Clothes always seemed the least harmful thing to let them have control, they outgrow it ;) Thanks for stopping by my WIP Wednesday. I look forward to reading more.

  8. I like her glasses. But that Chubby chrip is going to be cute!


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