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Sunday, May 13, 2012


First of all, apologies for not being around more the last few weeks.  I was wrapping up my online teaching, working at the distillery, and keeping this house clean(ish), while running the girls around and keeping them fed.  I have been knitting, just not as much as I wish I was.  I'm trying to get myself organized, and to that end I'm posting my WIP early.  I doubt very much it will change between now and Wednesday, so here goes!

I'm almost done with Isla's cardigan, I think there are only another 3 diamond repeats left.  She is getting rather impatient, but she'll just have to wait a bit longer.  Here are some pictures of her trying it on:

Now I'm going to take a moment to mention something that struck me as interesting the other day.  I've mentioned a time or two (or ten) before that my house is cold.  Well, the other day I was adding another blanket onto my side of the bed (yup, I've got about 3 more blankets on my side than he has on his) and this is the one I put on:

I've had this blanket since early 2000.  I bought it in a charity shop for 50 cents.  And yes, I still remember it vividly, down to the friend I was with and how much I paid.  At the time I was living in Fresno, and had a car with leather seats.  The car was a sort of red/orange colour, and I bought the blanket for the back seat, so passengers wouldn't burn their legs on the leather.  At the time I think I knew it was handmade, but I was more happy about the colour and the price than anything else.  Now, years later, I'm a knitter, and I recognise just how much work went into the blanket, and I appreciate it so much more.  I wish I could let the woman (or man) that made it know just how much use it has gotten since the day I stumbled upon it in the charity shop.  That you crafting stranger!!

To finish off this rather rambling post, here is a pic of one of my new neighbours.  I think he's just lovely.


  1. Your new neighbor is adorable! She has quite the hairdo too. I also cannot believe that you found such a beautiful handmade blanket at a charity shop! What a great find. Good luck with all of the busyness!

  2. beautiful cardigan! I love the colour, and you are very lucky to have THOSE kind of neighbours ;)

  3. Wow the cardi you are making is gorgeous! I'm still too scared to try even knitting a washcloth! Good job, Mama!! Seriously, knitting intimidates me like nothing else, I can crochet, sew, paint, wood work, and just about anything else crafty that I put my mind to...but knitting scares the snot out of me! And I really want to learn, but I don't know anyone in real life who knows how to teach me, or help out if I get stuck.

    I have several handmade blankets from thrifty finds too! I always feel like I have rescued them from unloving, unappreciative hands when I bring them home. I always keep my eyes open for those, and lovely old wool blankets too!

  4. wow gorgeous cardi, and love the coo :-) popping in from frontier dreams and waving over from Ireland (although I am scottish myself) x

  5. What a pretty blanket and what a great find! I love the cardigan too... it looks like it will be perfect for summer!

  6. I love Isla's cardigan.
    I once saw a crocheted table cloth in a charity shop for 4 Swiss francs. I just had to buy it although I didn't like the colour, because I felt I was the only one you could see how much work had been put into this table cloth. I can always dye it differently.
    Imagine 50 cents for a blanket like yours.

  7. Loving your daughters cardigan and her posing! Also your new neighbour is gorgeous, I do have a soft spot for highland cows!

  8. Your daughter is tooooo cute! And your new neighbor is no slouch either. Love his crazy hairdo. I'm so glad you rescued that blanket, and that it ended up with someone who appreciates it. It always makes me sad to find hand knits at goodwill...

  9. I am SO loving the blanket - it is almost painful to think that it was on sale for only 50c (even though it came to best house possible to appreciate its worth). And I am totally loving the progress made on the cardi

  10. Nice story about the ripple afghan. The sweater and your little model are both adorable.

  11. That little cardigan is adorable! I (almost) wish I had crafted more for my kids when they were little - the projects would have been so cute! But I know I would have never finished them before they outgrew them....

    That afghan story is a good one - sometimes I'm sad when I find something handmade at the charity shop - but then I cheer up when I realize it will still be loved by someone, even if it's not the original recipient! It's good when someone appreciates things they find & the bargains are always crazy good!

    (found you here via WIP Wednesday)

  12. The sweater is coming along wonderfully. Love the blanket and the story behind it.

  13. Isla's cardi is going to be beautiful!!
    I really like the colors of your amazing find... all those years ago!
    Came here by way of KCCO. My post is an UNsewing post...


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