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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This Scorpio loves the Gemini

This past weekend I had three days off, and I was so looking forward to it.  Then, on Friday night I felt a cold hit.  Ugh.  I was sick on my long weekend!  Oh well, my head was at least clear enough (on two of the days) to finish off my ongoing project (roll on FO Friday, I'm ready for you!). 

So that means I have two new WIP's.  The first was meant to be simple, so I wouldn't have to think much, and is a leafy washcloth. I'm knitting it in some Peaches & Cream I have leftover from my last trip to the US.

I didn't get very far until my head was clear enough for something more complicated, something I had been waiting for!

Thus the Gemini was born.  I'm using Calico yarn I have from frogging a tank top, and I'm hoping it is enough.  I've finished the lace work at the top, and now I'm just doing the increases for the sleeves.  So much fun, I can't wait to see how it grows!!  Sorry for the terrible pictures.  I really need to move up to a larger circular, so it all looks scrunched. 

Happy Crafting everyone!!


  1. Several cute projects! I love the lace top, it will be very pretty. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. It looks like so much progress has been made compared to mine! Lovely yarn colors you have on the needles :)

  3. What a pretty top, it will be perfect to wear over the next few months. I like that leaf pattern a lot. I've got some of that yarn lurking around here somewhere, I might have a think about it.

  4. At least you were able to knit while you were sick! Stuffy head colds, ugh. Why is there still no cures for the common cold????

  5. Hope that your cold is getting better. I had to add that washcloth pattern to my faves, it is so cute! Your Gemini is looking terrific. Love that pattern as well.

  6. Ohh, those leaf cloths are cute! Sorry you got sick on the long weekend. It always works out that way doesn't it :(


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