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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hello! I can't believe it is May already. Time has been flying as a rapid rate. I've been having a great time working on my Baby Cables top, even though about 17 rows in this happened:


I know, you can't tell what the problem is, but there is a twist. How long have I been knitting? Years. I should certainly know better than to wait 17 rows to make sure I don't have a twist when I joined in the round. Ah well, live and learn. I was actually perfectly happy to start over, as now I know what I'm doing, and I got to fix the stitch that was bothering me way back in row one. In all honestly, row 1 and 2 of a project are my least favorite.

I've made some good progress since then, and I've moved past where I was when I ripped it out. Things are looking better.

Does anyone else sit in front of the computer and knit? I watch shows, chat to my family. It is where my favorite knitting chair lives, and the place I knit most often

This was us at the weekend. I was sewing the dog a new bed (the bluish-teal thing) and cleaning out the craft boxes. The girls were helping (ha!) by beading and knitting. 

That's all from me for now, Happy Crafting! 


  1. Oh no to the twist!! And yes, I knit with the computer perched on the couch beside me :) If I shut it, I would get a lot more knitting done!

  2. Argh, the twist, so annoying, hope you get back to where you were before asap.
    Marigolds' Loft

  3. I'm sure I've been knitting way longer than you and I have done the same thing! Keeps me on my toes :)

  4. I sit with my laptop on my couch and knit. Easy stuff like Garter or Stockinette. If it's lace I find I stop reading to knit the lace rows, so it's not that conducive to computer knitting.

  5. Oh no! Whenever I cast on to knit in the round I recite "being careful not to twist" because I have done the same thing. Sorry:)

  6. I really like the yarn you've chosen for the baby cables top - looks soft.

  7. The dreaded twist! It's happened to me so I feel your pain. It's beautiful anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  8. would you believe that i was trying to put a twist in the other day, for a faux mobieus and could not do it?! is there a secret to it? it was a commission piece which i ended up knitting flat, twisting and then seaming! glad yours is all sorted!

  9. Thanks for reading and the compliment. Enjoying your blog so much!

  10. I mostly knit in front of the TV. If the TV is not on, I'd be reading or working on my computer. Last year I twisted a large shawl cast on from the outside, and I didn't have the heart to rip it out, so I just dropped a stitch and twisted it back. The shawl is just fine.

  11. The dreaded twist is one of my knitting paranoias. Even after I check and double check to make sure there is no twist, I can never resist a third check. Glad that your back on track with your top. I like your cozy knitting spot. So fun to see the picture of your girls "helping" you out :)


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