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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's all about the ruffles

Hello there! I've got something lovely to share today. I finished the Saffron cardigan for my eldest. She was good enough to model it for me today, in the beautiful winter sunshine.

I love this cardigan, and I really enjoyed making it. How great are those ruffles? Super great! Here are the details:

Pattern: Saffron It is $5 which is a bargain. Really, 2 for 1 since I've got to start the second one now, for her sister.

Yarn: Universal Yarn, Double Twist in blush, bought from Webs. The girls picked the color, they love it.

In non-knitting news, the rain just ended after 2 weeks.  Yup, 2 weeks. Ok, maybe it was only 9 days. Anyway, we saw the most gorgeous rainbow ever. It actually ended up as a double rainbow, but I didn't get a chance to capture it as I was racing to work.

And because I couldn't resist this picture of my furry girl loving the sunshine:

 Happy crafting everyone, see you next week!


  1. Great looking cardigan, I like the special touch at the back. Enjoy the sunshine:)

  2. what a lovely cardi and your model is lovely as well. your dog is cute the way he/she is squinting in the sunshine! Great rainbow capture!!

  3. What a darling sweater! She will love wearing it, that smile says it all. Love the rainbow, adore the pup! Stay dry.

  4. Great photos and that is a great sweater!

  5. Great sweater! I think she chose well on the color.

  6. I like the color and style of the cardi. You can tell your daughter likes colorful clothes. I smiled at the squinty dog, too.

  7. The cardigan is lovely and looks so cute on!

  8. What a fab cardigan and OMG those leggings are awesome too!

  9. Very cute ... your girls mostly pick pink, don't they?

  10. Yes, yes they do. When I was pregnant and I found out it was two girls I said, "nothing pink please" and look where that has gotten me!

  11. ooooh, I love your dog!

    That cardi is super sassy and I love that your daughter loves it.
    I still can't get mine to want any of my knitted goods.


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