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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I'm working on

Sometimes, I just love the start of a new week. I like to look forward to what I'll be working on, and the things I want to accomplish. This week started out really well, with a beautiful sunny day and a nice long walk. My energy is generated directly from sunlight. 

I was really rather proud of myself last weekend. I decided I would take the template of the Creme Brulee top, which I love love love wearing (the bamboo yarn is awesome!), and make it again with a different stitch pattern. I decided to use the Sirdar recycled cotton that I bought ages ago for the cardigan I frogged. The stitch pattern I picked is  braided lace. I cast on, eager, and I knit like a fiend. 

Until my wrists started to ache and I remembered yet again why this yarn is languishing--I just cannot work with cotton. I did in both my wrists and then couldn't knit for a few days. My husband, ever wise, said "Just start over with a different yarn, and give that cotton to someone that CAN use it." How little he knows me. I think I might see if I can knit a few rounds a day, pain free. I hope so. Otherwise I will take his advice, I guess. I don't like being defeated by yarn. I really do like how it is looking though.

I also cast on the second striped sock. I really wanted to knit sports socks with leftovers I have, but am trying to be disciplined and make pairs before I start new ones! I also decided I will not make the stripes match, I think the difference will be a nice quirk, though I can see myself assigning the different stripe patterns to each of my feet. I'm just that odd.

Lastly, I've really slow to the party, and just now started listening to audio books while I knit. I'm almost done with this:

and I love it. I hope it will end the way I want it to. At any rate, it is fast paced and has that nice plot device of going back and forth from modern day to 1340 Italy. Fun!

That's it from me, see you on Friday!


  1. Ha ha ha...I love that you would assign different patterns to your feet. Sounds exactly like me...
    Loving the cable work by the way.

  2. Cotton is brutal on my hands, I haven't knit with it for years. Good luck!! Love the color :)

  3. I crochet with cotton and am ok with that, but can see why knitting with it is a different beast!

  4. That braided lace is lovely. I hope that your wrists are feeling better. Make sure to take lots of breaks. I generally don't have a problem with knitting with cotton. I think it might be how I tension the yarn. I know a lot of knitters who hate cotton & linen yarn because of the discomfort.

  5. What *is* it about cotton? I can't stand working with it either! It's so inflexible. I love that pattern, though, and I do think if you limit it to a few rows a day, you'll be able to manage it.

  6. I hope you will be able to finish your cotton top. The pattern is beautiful and so is the yarn color.

  7. You've chosen a very pretty pattern for Your top and that's so smart of You to listen to audio books rather than schedule time for knitting then reading. Huh, I never thought of that.


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