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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hungry Monsters

Hi guys. We've had a mixed bag of weather this week, but some days of beautiful warmth and sunshine. Oh how I love the sunshine. Luckily the sunshine hasn't made it too hot for knitting, but I've been getting some sewing done too. Right now I'm working on my quilt for my daughter, since I finished her sisters. I just finished the top today, so hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Now on to my FO. A wee while ago I downloaded a cloth napkin pattern on Craftsy, to get some ideas on making new ones. Afterwards owner of the pattern emailed me with a link to her newsletter if I was interested.  I didn't think I would be, but I was wrong. She sometimes includes free patterns in the newsletter, one of which I thought was too cute to pass up.

It is called Gobbler, and it's a pencil case. I made these three for my nieces and nephew in Louisiana. I've put some goodies in as well, because I couldn't resist. 

I used fabric that my Grandma gifted me a while ago, she tie-dyed them all, and I love love love them! I had enough to make two bigger ones for my own girls for Christmas, but I won't put a picture up just yet. They are nosy wee girls and might see it on my blog and then the gig would be up!

If you are interested the newsletter is called Shiny Happy News, and the blog is here.

Take care, I'm off to the post office to get all my crafts on a plane to the USA. I've got one more post for next week and then I'm done sharing Christmas projects (I think!).


  1. Oh those pencil cases are so cute, especially with their mouth, er zip, open :D

  2. These are so much fun... almost makes me wish I had to go to school. :-)

  3. I love those cases! hmmm, now that I'm getting over my fear of sewing, I might need to try this pattern.

  4. These are so very cute! Love the tie-dye fabrics, too. I must learn how to sew.


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