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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The last of it

Well, my Christmas knitting is done. The final tally is 4 hats, two shawlettes, one pair of mittens, one pair of fingerless gloves, and one pair of yoga socks. They have all been sent and received (though not all opened yet, oh the will power!!)

I knit two Watch Caps, for two young men in my family. The pattern is brilliant, you can use whatever yarn/gauge you want, and it tells you how to make the hat. The pattern is in the book Knits Men Want, which I got for Christmas a few years ago. Both hats were made from stash yarn, one is 8ply and the other 10ply. I love how simple and great these hats look. I want one for myself.

It has been so hot today, but I'm going to sit down and knit a wee bit. I've been busy preparing for my folks to arrive, and haven't knit in days. *gasp* I'm going into withdrawals. But before I go, one last FO, the striped pair of socks I was working on. I finished them about a month ago, but never got around to taking the picture.

Now, while I go and ooh and aah over the yarn that arrived with my parents, you have yourself a very happy holiday season. I'll see you in January!!


  1. I love the hats and the socks, the hat pattern is beautiful!
    Thanks for linking on Creative Friday today:)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love the hats. That deep brim is really super.

  3. The hats are fab, I love them! You've worked hard, bravo!

  4. I really like those hats and you used beautiful yarn! I think they would be good for men or women, and the socks are very pretty too. Happy Christmas!

  5. congrats!! I think I'm done, I could finish a pair of socks but it's not critical. Love the hats :)

  6. Super socks! Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Look at that tally of gifts. If I knew I had a handmade gift waiting for me, I wouldn't be able to show restraint. I like that hat pattern. LOVE the socks!


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