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Monday, January 27, 2014

What I'm knitting

And......I'm back! Ok, I've never really been away, I've just been lurking instead of posting. However, the girls are back in school this week, my parents have safely returned home from their visit, and it is time to get life "back to normal."

I'm having a little bit of knitting ADD. Here are some of the projects I'm working on right now:

Roxborough dolman My parents brought me some Cascade 220 Fingerling so I cast this on straight away. I love stripes, but hate weaving in ends and the jog. So I'm trying a new thing to get a jogless stripe and carrying the yarn up. It seems to be working OK for the silver yarn but the green not so much. Still a work in progress!!

Alice in wonderland (the teal one below) I started this before the summer. It requires more attention than either of the other projects, and is currently getting neglected. Must focus and get back on track with it, before the warm weather is gone.

The light green is the Braided Lace Pullover I've designed based on a different pattern. It is the cotton yarn that kills my wrists. I'm doing it slowly and still liking it. I'm almost ready to divide for the sleeves I think. Hurray!!

Before I go, here are some holiday pictures from our summer travels:

I got to feed this little cutie, the highlight of my summer!

Happy crafting everyone! I don't have any FO's to share just yet, so I'll see you next week.


  1. Boy you sure do have some lovely knits!! Glad you had a good break but it's nice to see you posting as well :)

  2. The green braided pullover thing is my favorite ... looks fun and complicated! Thanks for the lovely pictures. Looks so warm there ....

  3. The Alice in Wonderland is going to be fantastic.. keep working on it!!

  4. I absolutely love that teal color, it's gorgeous! And I just want to hug that kangaroo!

  5. Amazing pictures and lovely projects!

    Here's my WIP:


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