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Thursday, May 15, 2014

We're here, and I've been knitting

Hello! We have moved countries, and are now settled back in Michigan. We left Michigan in 2006 and spent several years in Scotland, and then Australia. It was fun, and it is also good to be home. We are living in the middle(ish) of the state, in a lovely town. I've started my new job (same thing as I did before we left Mi) and I love it. I feel very lucky, and very happy. 

During the move I continued to knit. I'm still working on my Alice in Wonderland, but I think I need to order *another* ball of yarn for it. I got the amount waaaaay off. It is also still cold here, so I've started another jumper and while I was ordering that wool ordered enough to make another one. Fun!

I made another pair of sports socks from leftover sock yarn. I love them. These little short socks make me happy. I also love these:
 Which I bought at Cabela's of all places. There is a whole rainbow of colors and I love them all.

I also knit up some Hermione hearts Ron fingerless gloves
I made them to match the hat I already hat, and I messed up the thumbs big time. But all my belongings are on a ship right now, and these have come in handy. Walking the dog, at work, I mean, I could use some warm weather right about now.

And that's all the finished projects I have at the moment. I seem to have start-itis, and I have three things on the go. And a few WIP's on the ship. Fun stuff!!

Until next time, take care and happy crafting!



  1. welcome home! You have had quite the moving adventure these past years, glad you are settled in and life is returning to a new normal.

  2. I started following you back when you moved from Scotland to Australia. Did you move twice in Scotland? I remember how beautiful those pictures from Scotland were!

    1. That's right! We moved from MI-Glasgow-Aberlour in the Highlands-Melbourne Vic-and back to MI!

  3. Welcome home to Michigan! Geez, I bet you aren't very far from me. I'm just South of Battle Creek.

    1. Not too far, we are in Midland. When we lived in MI back in the before time we lived in Quincy, very close to where you are!


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