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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello! This is my first WIP Wednesday post in quite some time.  I didn't even know if I'd make it this week, since I was up in Petoskey for a few days for work. Wow, it sure is pretty up there! However, I found this post I had started with only this picture, back before we left Australia:
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I had put the Alice in Wonderland on hold until we got to Arizona, where I had another ball of yarn waiting for me. Well, I have drastically underestimated how much yarn I would need. I'm almost at the bottom and you guessed it, I think I need another ball. Sigh. I don't really want to make an order unless I need more than one ball, and I JUST got an order of yarn to make two sweaters. However, I also don't want this top to languish when I could be wearing it right now. Tough choices.
I finished the sleeves and neck edging

With some lovely cascade 220 I cast on a Lempster sweater. It is a gorgeous pattern and free! It has also been a headache for me. In all honesty I think I just read it wrong, and I also had it twisted. By the time you are joining in the round the last thing you are thinking about is twisting. Eventually I just frogged it and started again. It is much better now. Creeping along slowly. This is my first sweater working mostly with charts, so a bit ambitious for me.

Lastly, the other WIP that isn't on the ship is this:

It is cute, and I love the colors, and it is boring to knit. I also think I may run out of yarn so it worries me. I think, honestly, I will finish the Alice, and then get back to work on this one. Both could be worn now, so I need to get on it! Of course, our belongings arrive this week, and I started a Braid Hills cardigan before we left that has been on my mind a lot these days. I think I want to frog that one and start over (I made a wee mistake that is bothering me) but luckily I didn't get very far. Can you tell I'm obsessed with knitting warm things for next fall/winter? It starts now people!

Happy crafting, see you  next time!


  1. Sorry about the frogging, I like all your projects, I see beautiful stitch patterns and stripes. Good luck with working on them!

  2. you have some lovely projects on the needles! I am working on a shawl and a scarf while daydreaming of other projects to knit !

  3. Urgh frogging sucks. I like the projects you've got on your needles, how irritating about being a ball of yarn short, it will be worth it when it's finished, it's knitting up beautifully and you're so close now

  4. Its one of the most annoying things ever to run out of yarn so close to the end. It looks delightful.

  5. What a darling top - I hope you can finish it and wear it soon!

  6. Arizona? Thought you were in MI?

    1. We are in MI, but the journey started in Arizona, where my parents live.


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