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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What's happening here

It feels like yesterday that I was over enjoying lori times five's blog, when I learned about yarn splicing. She's got a video here, where she demonstrates how to do it. Recently, I've adopted it when knitting with 100% wool (both the sweater I'm knitting and the cardigan are pure wool). I love it! I love not having to weave ends in. Thank you Lori, you are an inspiration!

Recently my Dad made me this:

Which I also love. I know, it is a big, but it can sit out of sight under my table when not in use. And it makes life easier. Much easier. And faster.

In other news, I am trying to learn Continental knitting instead of English. I've been suffering from repetitive strain injury for what feels like forever. I get better, then knit too much, and it comes back. So after reading that Continental is better for people that suffer like me, I'm trying to switch. It is hard, and I am not patient, but I am trying. I used this video as help. I'm using some stash bulky and huge needles to make a scarf just like the very first one I ever made (in 2009, yipes!), when I learned English-style.

Lastly, in an effort to let me hands rest a bit, I decided to start a scrap quilt. I am not a quilter, but I do try. I'm using this book:

to quilt as I go. I'll let you know how that turns out. I'm mostly using fabric my Grandma gave me, with a few scraps of my own, so I feel happy every time I work on it. I love my Grandma!   

Happy Crafting!!


  1. I've tried continental knitting for the same reason. I find it very difficult to get good tension. I suppose if I were to practice more, it would happen eventually...but I'm impatient!

    Your quilt looks lovely! I think its so sweet you're using fabric from your grandma! :)

  2. You dad made that? Wow, you are one lucky woman! I've tried yarn splicing but it's always disappointed me, I'm definitely going to check out the video though, maybe I've been doing it all wrong! I adore the quilt. Good luck with the switch, I really hope it helps!

  3. I'm thinking of trying continental knitting too because I heard it's easier on the hands/joints etc and also because I heard it faster so I'm really interested to see how you find it

  4. One very lucky daughter with a clever dad. Lovely colours in your quilt

  5. I hope your repetitive injury gets better! My left hand has been achy so I've shelved the socks for now. They always give me hand troubles!

  6. Everyone says its so hard to switch. I learned continental from a friend and every new project I would start I'd make sure I used it (instead of going back and forth since it changes your gauge.) and finished the old projects up in English. I found continental easier and faster. It didn't take long for me to get the hang of it.

  7. Good luck with learning continental, it will be so worth it if it means you can continue to knit, and without pain!


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