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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

on into August

Welcome. I hope that your August is starting out as well as mine. I'm finding some serious crafting bliss.

I've been working on my scrap quilt pretty regularly, and all the pieces are now cut out. It is really very fun. There is a certain freedom using only what I have, no buying of any fabric has taken place. In fact, I've only spent a wee bit of money on thread (because I don't have much of that) and some batting. I've got four blocks quilted, and I'm ready to start joining the first row together. The quilt is a total of 16 blocks.
Seeing how the squares will look together
I love that I can use scrap batting as well. I have always saved my left-overs, and this will pretty much clean me out. The book I'm using shows how to sew two scrap together and use them as well. Love! I also love that I can do it in bits and pieces. Tonight I plan on sewing at least two squares together. I've sort of put it off due to the hand sewing, but now I feel ready to tackle it. 

In other exciting news, my new yarn order from Knit Picks arrived on Monday. It is enough for three sweaters. I'm very pleased the girls picked colors other than pink. We are making progress!The girls are both getting new cardigans, and I'm getting........ something when I get finished with the ridiculous amount of WIP's and new projects I'm about to start. It will probably be after Christmas by the time I get to use this gorgeous yarn.
Lastly, I'm seeing the end of my Braid hills. As always, I slowed way down on the sleeves, oh how I hate to knit them. And the first one was too small, so I had to rip it all the way back and knit it with no decreases. I'm guessing it will still be tighter than I'm used to, but some variety in my wardrobe would be a good thing. I just need to finish sleeve #2 and do the neck band. Hurray!

That's all for me, see you next week. I might even have a FO (but don't hold your breath!)


  1. Oh I love the tweed yarn! I think it's going to be amazing to work with. Looks like you'll be busy with those project!

  2. Your first photo of the flowers is beautiful. I am so impressed with anyone who quilts, I have yet to try my hand at it. The yarn colours look great and I'm sure you can't wait to see your girls wearing a different colour. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali xx

  3. Your quilt is coming along nicely and isn't it lovely to use up things you have already? The colour of your yarn is delicious - your girls chose well!

  4. Your quilt looks beautiful already, how satisfying that you have made it entirely with material from your stash :)

    I too have started on Christmas knits my list is getting long!

  5. I love the yarn, and the quilt is gorgeous!

    That cross-stitch elephant is also a gem <3

  6. What a wonderful post, I love the pink flower! The quilt impresses me, it is quite a project to work on! I love the yarn and I hope you enjoy every stitch you will make with it!

  7. The yarn colours are beautiful! Perfect for fall!

  8. I read back a bit on your blog, as I was catching up ... regarding your learning continental knitting & the repetitive strain injury: I first learned continental, and a few years ago learned how to knit right-handed, and it cured my wrist pain completely. And as an added bonus, now when I knit Fair Isle, I can use both hands at once!


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