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Sunday, May 10, 2015

I like stripes, but not enough to keep this

I'm going to admit, I'm front loading blog posts today. I have a couple of FO's to talk about, and I'm trying to get the posts written while it is raining and I can't (or won't) play in the garden.

I worked off and on for months on my Roxborough Dolman, and I finished it about a month ago. It was touch and go if I'd have enough yarn to do the neck and sleeves, but I did. And I don't like it. It is supposed to be a slouchy shirt, and it is not. I think even if I washed & blocked it, it just wouldn't be roomy enough. I'm not sure what I did wrong, I thought I had gauge, but I guess not. And I'm not going to knit it all over again, because it was BORING. I thought the stripes might entice me, because I love stripes, but not even that will. I think I will frog it, and make some socks. 
The yarn is Cascade 220 fingering in silver and green. 

I won't lie, I'm pretty happy not have to weave in all those ends. I tried to carry my yarn up the side, but it wasn't working, so I ended up just doing this. Probably a big mistake, but I'll learn from it, I swear. Until I muster the energy to frog it, I'll set it in the "disappointment pile."

See you next week with another FO! 
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  1. That is disappointing! I really love the shape of it and the colours are lovely together. I am very worried that my vintage jumper may end up on the 'disappointment' pile too!

  2. Times like these is when knitting can be so frustrating! The colors are gorgeous, though, so hopefully they will find their way into a perfect project in the future.

  3. This is so disappointing, I'm just finished a hat that's all wrong and totally lost my mojo and that was only a hat!

  4. So disappointing when you put so much into it. But if you won't wear it, frog it and turn it into something beautiful!

  5. Oh, I feel your disappointment. I would be heartbroken to frog it but understand if it doesn't fit like it should.


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