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Sunday, May 10, 2015

I like the cables, I really do

Hello and welcome! My FO today is near and dear to my heart--my second ever Aran jumper! It took me about 5 months to  knit (off and on) and I finished it way back in March and didn't get around to posting it (due to the move). So here she is, in all her cabled glory!

My first Aran knit was a project I finished for my Mum-in-law for my Grandma, I posted about it here. I had so much yarn left over, that I decided I'd make a sweater for myself. I call it my feed mill sweater, because I plan on it keeping me warm during work in the winter. One of the many layers I'll be wearing.

It is a free pattern, raglan aran pullover, by Hayfield. I loved knitting this, and I even liked that it was sewn. There is something so satisfying about finishing a section and starting the next. I wasn't too sure about the first at first, because it is shorter than a traditional Aran jumper, but I've grown to really like it. The yarn is Hayfield bonus tweed. I did have to buy a small amount to finish, but really, I needed less than 100g's to do so.

If you haven't ever knit an Aran jumper, I do recommend it. It is so very addictive and fun!


  1. wow, what a stunning knit and the cabling is perfect!! I love to do cables but hate to stop and pick up a cable needle :)

  2. It is beautiful and like you, I really like the cables!! Great looking sweater!

  3. Gorgeous, I love how it's turned out. I'm attempting to design a much simpler looking one for my OH. I think yours looks wonderful

  4. What a great fit! I like this yarn for jumpers, every time I find it on offer I buy too much! I have a secret cupboard full! It's a gorgeous sweater, enjoy it!

  5. That looks fantastic, gorgeous colour and gorgeous fit!

  6. Love, love it! I absolutely love cables - love knitting them and love the finished look. This is a lovely jumper and the colour is gorgeous.

  7. Ohhhh, that is just lovely! Looks very warm and cozy. Will have to bookmark that pattern for when the weather gets colder.


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