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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oh my it has been a while

Hello to any friends that are still out there!! It has been months since I've been in this space, and I have been busy! We bought a small farm in February of last year, and right after we got moved in and got settled, I started gardening in a big way. We had a big (and productive) vegetable garden, which meant lots of weeding, canning, freezing and eating all summer long. We also have 15 chickens, 2 cats (in addition to the 2 dogs) and we raised a sheep. We had a great time, and developed a lot of goals for next year.

I have been knitting all the time I'm wasn't blogging, sometimes less, and sometimes more, but now that it is winter, it is definitely more

Recently I finished the Unity Pullover, from the book Finish-Free Knits. I used up some yarn I had purchased for a different project (Drops Alaska and Drops Big Delight), but ended up not making. Now, I should say that I am not normally a fan of so much color--but the yarn is pure wool and I figured it would keep me warm outside this winter. Oh man does it ever--I love how warm and comfortable this sweater is. Plus, it was easy and fast.  

I didn't knit a whole lot of Christmas presents this year, but I did make three of my co-workers Gap-tastic cowls

I've got a few more things to share, if I can get pictures taken. I'm also working on a cardigan for myself, and a pullover sweater for Dave. Fun!!

Take care, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Hi! Nice to see you. :-)

    Glad to hear your garden was a great success.

  2. good to see you, lovely knitting and how fun to have a FARM!!

  3. Sounds like you've been super busy! Very envious of your farm although I'm sure it's an awful lot of hard work

  4. Your projects look gorgeous and your farm certainly sounds like it keeps you busy!

  5. A farm! How exciting! I hope that you post some pictures of the garden, chickens & sheep. I bet that your girls are loving the open space and animals :) Love the colors of your pullover and I am going to add the Gap-tastic pattern to my giftknitting list.


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