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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Babies, babies, everywhere

Hello! So not one but two of my co-workers are expecting babies, and best of all, so is my niece. I cannot believe that I'm old enough that the girl I watched come into this world is having her own baby. I've accepted it now that I've had time to digest the idea, and I'm so freaking excited. I have already picked out a baby blanket to knit (she picked forest green, it should be pretty), but I've got plenty of time because she isn't due until May. 

I was cleaning out my craft closet the other day, and decided sewing was in order to rest my wrists a bit. I've been Christmas knitting like a fiend and it was starting to hurt. In the midst of my cleaning I found some fabric that my mother bought me when MY babies were actual babies, that I never got around to using. My niece isn't into gender biased colors so I figured these were perfect.

A while ago I stole borrowed this sewing book from my Grandma. It is called Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara. I like several of the projects in it, but this quilt looked pretty, and easy, and like something I could handle. My sister (soon to be the grandma) approved so I got to work. It went very quickly, and cost only around $20 for the batting, backing, cream fabric, etc. I do love to use a Joann's coupon, or three.

I messed around with placement and ideas, and then one day it just HIT ME, and I was happy with how I arranged everything. I do love it when things come together. 

I just quilted straight lines as well, because that is about all I can handle. Even that was a challenge at the start--but I got there in the end.  

I'll be delivering the present this weekend. I hope the snow doesn't make the drive too terrible!

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  1. that is beautiful!! it seems when the babies come there are grouped in threes and fours to keep us crafters frantic and busy. Thank goodness making a baby takes longer than whatever I knit for them.


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