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Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter is for crafting

I have come to the realization (very recently) that I am starting to really like winter. *GASP* And I mean real winter. Not the southern California winter I grew up with. It has been snowing, it is cold, and going to get very cold in a few days. However I am happy with it, because it means I get to be inside reading, cooking, and best of all, crafting. I also have the next several days off work for the holiday, which would help anyones mood.

This whole crofting (homesteading, small farming, whatever you want to call it) lifestyle is hard work. Good, satisfying work, but hard nonetheless. Spring through fall we worked our regular jobs, and worked the rest of the time on the farm. I'm proud of what we achieved, and I'll be even happier when the pigs and sheep are in the freezer next month. Winter means less outside work, and more relaxing and more time for creating, which I enjoy. Oh seasons, you are so wonderful. 
A year or two ago my sister cleaned out her craft cupboard, and I added a few things to mine. I do love this sort of cleaning that other people do--when it involves me getting new things for free. I got a shaggy baby blanket kit, which I stored away in my cupboard. Then this baby boom hit, and this morning as the snow fell, I knew it was time to get it done. The blanket is for my co-worker, and she isn't due until May. However, in May I'll be busy getting the garden started, and going on a trip to Peru, and there will not be time for sewing. I'm planning ahead!

All you do it sew the rectangles together in the manner laid out in the pattern, and then cut the pieces to be "shaggy." It only took a few hours, and is currently in the washing machine. Great, right? Yeah, my weak little wrists are sore from all the cutting.

I've also been on a real bag-making kick. I think because they are small and fairly easy to make, yet you can challenge yourself. I found a free pattern on Pinterest called Trail Tote, and made the small one first.Quickly realizing that it was nowhere near big enough for me, I made the larger size, using what I'd learned making the first one to make it even better. 

 This picture is me wearing the larger bag. I've been using it as a purse for a month now, I love it!

If I can find the pictures, I made a couple more bags for presents, I'll post them next. Until next time, thanks for stopping by and have a very Happy Festive Holiday season!

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  1. I love winter so much, I think because my joints feel the bestest. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season with your family!!


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