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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blanket Squares

I don't think I mentioned before, but I am knitting my Mom a top for Mother's Day.  There is no way I can finish it by this Sunday, however I have an added advantage.  We don't live on the same continent!  She picked the pattern and colour, and I told her she can pick it up in July when she and my Dad visit.  Phew, that gives me a bit more time.  I am slowly working my way up the back of it, after having to tear it out twice already. 

I'm finding that this pattern requires a lot of my attention, at least the part where the leaves are.  Hence the ripping out time and again.  However, I seem to have broken the back of the hard part for right now.  Anyway, my point is that I am a T.V. watcher and knitter, because I have issues just sitting still.  I can't focus on this pattern and knit so I've turned to an old favourite.  I'm knitting more blanket squares for KAS.  It occurred to me that since it is heading toward summer here, they are heading into winter there, and the thought of cold children is horrible.  Here are some of my latest squares:

2-stranded acrylic held together.  Great stash buster.

20% wool blend

Unknown donated yarn, I think the grey is wool and the colours acrylic

Unknown rather odd donated wool.  Soft though.
For the patterns I like to vary it.  I was given this book last Christmas:

Which has some good, easy squares in it.  Very easy to do while vegging out in front of the tv.  I am also going to do a few more challening squares from my favorite book:

Happy Knitting Everyone!!


  1. I am a TV knitter too, but sometimes I just have to focus on the pattern. So I put something mindless on ... sometimes it helps.

    Pretty pattern on the shirt! I love the leaves.

  2. That's a beautiful sweater! Looks complicated, but very pretty! I'm impressed!

  3. Lovely sweater! What a nice gift for mom!

  4. I'm a tv knitter too, or if I'm not watching something, I'm usually listening to podcasts (I recently started listening to all the Knit Picks podasts) or listening to music. The other day I even read on my nook and knit!

    The top looks adorable. What a great pattern! I also love the color your mom picked out.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. They both look great.

  5. What a beautiful pattern, your mom will love it!

  6. I'm a TV knitter too...and a talker.
    LOve the sweater and I know she will love it too.

    The squares are beautiful and remind me that I owe a local charity a few squares...I just can't bring myself to knit with the I need to dig through the yarn shop clearance bin for some nice washable wool.

  7. I too am a TV knitter & crocheter(is that even a word?). I always work on the simple stuff for that. I have screwed up one to many times not paying attention :)
    I envy your work. I really need to try some new things out! Your sweater gift is going to be beautiful!!

  8. I always wished I could knit something up..


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