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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mug Wraps/Cozies

Wow, is anyone else having real issues with Blogger?  I wrote out a whole post that was eaten by the internet when I thought it was being posted!?!  Then it was down for most of today.  Sigh.  I don't think I'll have the energy to do it again, so here is a quick version.

The other day whilst doing my weekly blog hop, I was intrigued by Andrea at Wisdom Beings in Wonder, writing about her Vampire Swap on Ravelry.  I've never done a swap, but it sounded like good fun.  I found one that was small and simple, better to ease into things I think.  This month they are doing a mug cosy swap, so I jumped right in.  Then I went to work trying to make a cosy I'd be proud to mail away to someone.  Here are some I made.  If you would like, please leave a comment telling me your favourite and that's the one I'll send as my gift.

Cozy 1

Cozy 2

Cozy 3

Cozy 4

And lastly, this isn't fibre related at all.  I've been taking a ceramics class (just an 8 week night course) at the local college, and having a blast.  I swear I am getting better with time, but here are some of my first few attempts!

Twisty Vases

A bug, a pot, a mushroom

Happy Crafting Everyone!!


  1. I LOVE cozy 3 or 4. I'm a sucker for cables and wood buttons, but love them all.

    Your ceramics are awesome! You should make a yarn bowl!

  2. I really like the style of cozy 1, but I don't like blue. That's OK, though, because almost every single other person in the world does.!

  3. That pink & purple cabley, wooden button masterpiece is my favourite :) And its great to see some more mug hugs on the FO Friday scene, I thought I was the only one who knew what they were :D

  4. Swapping is amazing, and so are your mug cozies! I love all of them, but I'm particularly fond of the third---those cables are great. (I love the first one, too, though, the design and button are perfect.)

    I'd love to take a ceramics course sometime, and your twisty vases are beautiful.

  5. Your ceramics look great!

    Ok...for the mug cozy. I love all of them but the toggle button on the first one catches my eye so that is the one I'll pick. I'm a sucker for cute buttons.

    Great...getting into swaps. I think I'm done now until August. Goodness, that seems so far away.

  6. Cozy 4,the pink & purple one :-)

  7. My mother taught me how to pour, clean, fire, and paint ceramics ... it's the first craft I ever learned! I have very fond memories of those days. The first thing I made was a tiny gray elephant ... what wonderful memories this brings back. Love the twisty vases!

  8. Your ceramics look great! I miss my potter's wheel - guess I just have to settle for my spinning wheel :)

  9. Everything is nice. Close your eyes and pick on for the exchange.

  10. I'm favoring the darker purple with two buttons-very cute.
    Good job on the ceramics

  11. I love your bug! It's a great color. I like the two color cabley mug cozy myself. I love cables and purple seem to be catching my eye lately. Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  12. The ceramics are wonderful! Learning how has been on my list for a long time.

    I prefer the 2nd cosy for both the color and width, however I do love the wooden toggle button on the 1st.


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  14. This is so great! Thanks for sharing at Make Something Monday!! (And yes Blogger was being dumb!!! I had the same thing happen!!)

    ~ Sarah

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