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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flower Clean

This summer while at my Grandma's house, she taught me how to crochet.  YES!!!  Finally!!  She had a pattern for a cotton face scrubby, and we set to work on it.  I think it was easier for me to learn from her while we worked on a pattern.  It made the stitches make more sense.  I think the scrubbies are fabulous, and now I'm using mine every day.  They are knit in 100% cotton, here are a few of my earliest attempts:

Yes, a bit misshapen, but they were good fun to learn on.  When I was feeling pretty confident with that pattern, I looked up a more flower shaped pattern on Ravelry.  Here is that attempt.

You'll see I got there in the end, he he he.  Once I mastered the flower shape I made one for all the little girls and boys running about, I think 5.

After that, and I'm not sure I should admit this, I made my Grandma a wee bag for her bar of soap.  I wasn't even sure anyone ever used these, but she had the pattern and I had the time.  So here is a picture of her soap in the wee bag.  It was good to try a new technique!  I don't have a link for this one, because I didn't bring the pattern home with me.  If you click here, the pattern looks very similar.

And really, that's the extent of my adventures on crocheting for now.  Here is where I hop:


  1. They look great :) I posted about my first crochet FO today too, but it doesn't look as good as yours!

  2. Hi!
    Very pretty! Love all those beautiful colors and the wee bag is cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. I love the scrubbies, they are great! Its so much better to learn something when someone is sitting right next to you! A very cute wee bag too!

  4. Excellent! You did a great job. It's so fun to learn something new.

  5. Oh no, another one to the "dark" side. LOL. They look like flowers, so I say you done good!

  6. Both the little flowers and the soap back are awesome! Great job. I love how fast and fun crocheting is.

  7. I love the soap bag, the stitching you have used to make it looks really nice...I would love to learn it difficult?

  8. You're doing great! It's wonderful that you were able to learn this from your grandmother. I'm always happy to hear about crafts being passed down the generations.

  9. Very nice! Love the bag of soap, too :-) We totally use soap on a rope when we're camping, so that would be perfect!!

  10. Very pretty, and the yarn is pretty too :)


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