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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A scarf for Dani (WIP)

What do I love more than someone requesting a knitted item from me?  Well that would be someone willing to trade with me for it!  I emailed my niece a wee while ago asking if I could buy a print of hers that she recently posted on Facebook (I hate FB, but that's a whole different story).  She is graduating high school this June and plans on studying photography in college.  I love what she did:

She said yes, she would make me an 8x10 and in exchange (I offered to buy it) would I please make her a scarf to match the hat I gave her last Christmas.  I said, "OF COURSE!!"  Here is a picture of her in the hat, not a great picture, but I'm not a great photographer.  With her is my nephew Archie, also adorable.

So I dug out the pattern, this is the one I used:
 The pattern is D, the lower right corner.  I tried to put on a star on it and failed miserably!

And here is how far I have gotten:

Not very far!  I forgot that I hate this pattern!  It looks great, I don't mean that, it is just that I have to FOCUS on what I am doing.  I have to pay attention, which means I can't do it when the kids are around, or the tv is on, or any other distraction.  I'll get there.........I've got a good month and a half.

The Low Down:
pattern: Sirdar 9211
yarn: Sirdar Crofter Chunky in thistle I believe
needles: 6.5mm (hurray for big needles!)

Here's where the hops are:


  1. I love the yarn - Sirdar crofter knits up so nicely :) Sorry you hate the pattern, but it'll be worth it for that photograph (which I absolutely love by the way!)

  2. I agree with Pinkundine! It will be worth it.

  3. That yarn is a beautiful color and her photography skills are fantastic! I know what you mean about having to focus on a pattern. It's usually one you're excited to finish but somewhat bummed you have to sit in a quiet room and do only that project with no distractions when you work on it :-P. Can't wait to see the finished product when you get there!

  4. Totally worth it! The picture is gorgeous!

  5. Trading skills is always a plus. The scarf looks great so far. And it's nice to know that she'll wear it.

  6. I love that print!!! I think that's a good trade!

  7. I much prefer knitting for friends/family who make a request for a something hand-knit. You know it won't get put in a drawer somewhere never to be worn! It looks like you are getting a beautiful trade there!

  8. I love the yarn when I see it but haven't worked with it yet. I will soon enough though ;)
    The scarf looks like it will be lovely when doing, and the trade will be worth it :)

  9. Lovely fall photo with all those colours in one tree! Very nice to have a matching scarf for the hat - lucky friend!

  10. I love energy exchanges! And even though you hate the pattern, it is knitting up very nicely.

  11. i love everything about this, you supporting and encouraging your neice, her loving your knitting, and the trade between you.
    and she is adorable in that hat you made!

  12. The photo is beautiful. Good luck finishing up the tricky pattern!


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