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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


No, you aren't having deja vu, these are the same three projects from last week.  I've made progress on all of them, and I'm enjoying the blanket the most.

It is almost impossible to see the designs.  Sigh.  Sorry about that.  I've just finished the 4th block and now I'm having doubts.  I was planning on doing 5 blocks long, but even for a throw blanket I'm not sure it will be long enough.  And I'm not sure I'll have enough wool. thoughts are:
1) Just keep on going, hope for the best, and order more wool if need be.  Maybe extend it to 7 blocks long?
2) Frog it.  Perhaps alternate colours in a checker board fashion, maybe all the plain stockinette blocks in a different colour?
3) Stuff it in a bag and forget about it until next winter and decide then.
Any opinions?

I've also made progress on the back of my leaf cardigan.  I'm thinking I should focus on finishing the back so I can start the fun stuff on the front.  That's my goal for the rest of this week.  I'm also now at the point where I can start the heel on the girls sock, so that's good news.  It looks like I'm just as slow at small socks as I am with big ones, oh well.

Lastly, the wool arrived that I ordered for a top secret project.  You won't see it again until a FO Friday after I've gifted it.  Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan!  I seem to be a big fan of Araucania of late.  This one is called Lauca and is 80% wool, 10% camel, 10% silk.  Little bit of heaven in my hands.

On to books!  I just finished an awesome novel, the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  It was so compulsively good that I just devoured it! It has magic, love, a circus!  What more could you want?

I always think it is hard to start a new book right on the heels of an excellent one, but since I had two library books at the same time and I only get two weeks for them, I had to!  I'm about 6 pages in to The Far Country by Nevil Shute.  In my opinion you can't go wrong reading a book about Australia, and I loved A Town Like Alice, so fingers crossed!

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  1. I love love love your yarn bowl and the araucania yarn looks yummy..

  2. I can see the design on your blanket to be, it is beautiful. I know what a lousy feeling it gives if you have yarn shortage. In my experience the best you can to is to stick to your design, as it is in your head, but just make a smaller size. If the project is ready, this will - I think - gives the best result and feeling about it. Don't give up!

  3. Love the color of that yarn! Changing the color of the blocks is up to you but I like the blanket. I could see the cable in the top second from the top and I really like it. Buy more wool and continue on, I think it will be lovely. You have so many projects going!

  4. You have so many great projects started right now. I cannot wait for you to finish your top secret project!

  5. I would go with option 2 if I had enough in a contrast color to use. Love you yarn bowl.

  6. This probably isn't helpful, but I'd likely stuff it in a bag and forget about it for a while. Especially since I'd rather be knitting those darling little socks or that lovely new wool. CAMEL !!!! Squee!

  7. I would stuff it in a bag and forget about it for a while. Sometime between now and looking at the blanket again, I would score an extra ball of yarn in the same color "to make something completely unrelated" and squirrel that away, too.
    Things will come together.

  8. I dont' know how wide it is, but why not just make it a scarf? Don't frog all that hard work! thanks for sharing on my WIP Wednesday.

  9. Too bad we can't see the design well, wonder if when you edit your photo if you changed the contrast if that would help us see the design. From what I can see, the design looks very intricate.

  10. Hi!
    I'd keep going! It looks too good to frog. All that work needs to be appreciated. :-)
    And, don't we always think that we're going to run out of yarn and then wind up with two balls extra??

  11. Keep on going! The throw can be any size you wish and you could edge the entire afghan with a different color/blocks. Why not? I love any project that is "top secret" ;)

  12. Oh, that yarn. I can't wait to see what you turn it into. And I want to reach into my screen and squish the skein all day. Beautiful.

    I love the sock, although I'm sorry it's going slowly!

    Also, The Night Circus is high on my to-read list, so it makes me all excited that you recommend it that highly. :D

  13. I can also see the design and it is lovely. Can you add another color into the pattern? I would probably order more yarn - any excuse for me is a good one!

    Love the cardigan and the socks!

  14. I'm a big Araucania fan as well and I have made two sweaters with Azapa, which sadly, is now discontinued. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.


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