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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pirate Costume on the cheap

A week or two ago my girls got invited to a pirate themed birthday party.  "What fun!" they said, "With what costume?" I said.  So we put our heads together and came up with two pirate costumes, for very little money.

First, I made them each a skirt.  I didn't have any pirate themed fabric in my stash, but I did have heaps of this red with white stripes.  So that is what I used.  I used a pattern I already had, but seriously, a girls skirt with an elastic waist has to be the easiest thing to make.

Next I made them each a pirate vest.  For this I bought a meter of red velvet fabric on Ebay.  It cost £3.70 including shipping.  I used a free pattern, from leila & ben.  Super easy pattern, though it only went up to 5T so I had to make it a bit bigger.  They are red velvet on the outside, and more of the fabric I used for the skirt as the lining.  Buttons are from my stash.

For the head we just made a simple head scarf out of the extra red velvet.  These were just cut into long rectangles and tied around their heads.  I let them pick out leggings and shirts, I like them to have some say in what they wear. 

Their swords are very old--check out the curve!


  1. Love the 'nautical' stripes or as my Youngest said once - the Naughty-cal stripes. Nice one with the costumes - you are clever!

  2. Awww, adorable! Those are some economical and wonderful-looking costumes. I hope that they have fun at their party

  3. They look fantastic, and amazing how you can make costumes with very little expense.. hope they have fun at the party!

  4. How great - those look so fun! Your girls are so wonderful at modeling your creations :-)

  5. What a great last minute idea! Your girls are so cute. Thanks for sharing - maks :-)


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