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Friday, October 18, 2013

A hat for Matt

Hurray, I've started my Christmas knitting. This year I told myself I wouldn't knit a thing for anyone. I was having such a good time knitting things for myself. Then, well, I guess I got over my selfish streak. My cousin (ok, second cousin) Matt has been helping out a lot with my Grandparents in Michigan. He is a great, great person, and they love him dearly. So of course, onto the hat list he went. 

This hat was a wonderful knit, and it only took a few days. 

Pattern: (free!) Snowtracks Cap
Yarn: Supa yarn 100% wool
Mods:  I cast on for a large. Knit 2” for the ribbing. Then I skipped rows 21-23 and 28. This turned out the perfect size, I’m really pleased. I didn't want a folded brim, but I wanted it to be long enough to be pulled over the ears without being slouchy. Not much to ask, is it?

A little note about the photos--the girls and I had just gotten home from the beach (you know the drill, play, play, play, walk, ice cream, walk more, then home). For whatever reason they striped naked the moment we got home, and then I remembered we had to take these pictures. So we were in the back garden and two little naked people were telling me how to pose, and where to turn my head. And it made me really laugh. Hence, this picture:

And then, because they both wanted their pictures to be used, another of the back. I love those cables!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

I love spring!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I'm working on

Sometimes, I just love the start of a new week. I like to look forward to what I'll be working on, and the things I want to accomplish. This week started out really well, with a beautiful sunny day and a nice long walk. My energy is generated directly from sunlight. 

I was really rather proud of myself last weekend. I decided I would take the template of the Creme Brulee top, which I love love love wearing (the bamboo yarn is awesome!), and make it again with a different stitch pattern. I decided to use the Sirdar recycled cotton that I bought ages ago for the cardigan I frogged. The stitch pattern I picked is  braided lace. I cast on, eager, and I knit like a fiend. 

Until my wrists started to ache and I remembered yet again why this yarn is languishing--I just cannot work with cotton. I did in both my wrists and then couldn't knit for a few days. My husband, ever wise, said "Just start over with a different yarn, and give that cotton to someone that CAN use it." How little he knows me. I think I might see if I can knit a few rounds a day, pain free. I hope so. Otherwise I will take his advice, I guess. I don't like being defeated by yarn. I really do like how it is looking though.

I also cast on the second striped sock. I really wanted to knit sports socks with leftovers I have, but am trying to be disciplined and make pairs before I start new ones! I also decided I will not make the stripes match, I think the difference will be a nice quirk, though I can see myself assigning the different stripe patterns to each of my feet. I'm just that odd.

Lastly, I've really slow to the party, and just now started listening to audio books while I knit. I'm almost done with this:

and I love it. I hope it will end the way I want it to. At any rate, it is fast paced and has that nice plot device of going back and forth from modern day to 1340 Italy. Fun!

That's it from me, see you on Friday!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


This week I've been having a bit of a clean up--digitally speaking. I was checking my blog feed the other day and noticed that one of the blogs I'd been following had been hacked, and my feed was filled with spam. I located and deleted the blog, but then I started looking at all the blogs I "follow" and went through and deleted all the ones that seem out of commission. If they haven't posted in the last 4 months, they are gone. It is all so uncluttered now, and it feels great. Now I have the room and attention for adding in new blogs that take my fancy.


In knitting news, I've been re-energized about socks! I have a project bag that I keep in the car with a sock I would work on now and then--while waiting for the girls at netball practice, the park, etc. But I felt it had been languishing, so I fished it out and finished it. I love the stripes! I'm counting it as a FO, even if it is just one so far.

Pattern: just a plain stockinette sock to show off the stripes, with the heel from Hermiones socks.
Yarn: Patons Stretch Sock

Then I got motivated to knit my sister a pair of yoga socks for her Christmas present. She has posted a picture of herself in some rather silly looking yoga socks (they were the ones that have individual toes) on FB, and I thought, I want to give that a go. They were so fun to knit!! 

I also amused myself that I was wearing my yoga pants when I took these pictures. Nope, I don't do yoga, but look at me all kitted out should I ever want to

Pattern: Yoga Socks 153 (free!)
Yarn: stash busted some Zettl Cesana I've had for a really long time.

That's it for my this week, see you all on Wednesday.

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