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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A bit of sewing

It would seem that all of a sudden my girls are tearing holes in their trousers left and right (legs that is!).  I've decided to turn it into a challenge, and I will not let the holes win!  In channelling my cheap frugal self I'm experimenting with ways to patch the holes and extend the use of their clothing.

Previously I've just used the store bought iron-on patches, which work fine on black trousers but not so great on coloured ones.  These pink trousers were bought pre-loved on Ebay.  I swear I should get a job doing promotional work for Ebay, I love it that much.  I buy, I sell, I find all kinds of wonders. But I digress.  The trousers have lasted a good long while before the hole appeared.  

In fact they are just wearing thin over the whole knee area, but I figure if I patch them the girls can get use of them through the summer.


I look a piece of bondaweb and cut it to the size of a piece of fabric I had selected. 

Then I ironed the fabric and bondaweb together to make a patch.  Next I peeled the backing off the bondaweb and ironed the patch over the hole on the knee. 

To prevent it from peeling off in the washing machine, I hand stitched around the edge.  I used invisible thread, which to me is like sewing with fishing line, but I do like that it doesn't show up.  I think it ended up looking a bit "shabby chic" and my daughters like the trousers even more than before.

Lastly, just so I don't forget my other fibre obsession, last night I knit a couple of bracelets while I watched TV.  I suppose maybe wrist cuff is a more accurate description, but they are cute and fun.  I used some left over acrylic I had in my stash.

I am going to list them for a swap on Whoopdwhoop, a site which I will dedicate a future post to.  I'm in love with it, there is a button on the side bar if you want to check it out.  It is a non-monetary craft swap site!  

Have a great weekend everyone, happy crafting!!


  1. Nice mending job, the butterfly is super!

  2. Love the wrist wraps. They look like a fast fun project and I LOVE buttons.

  3. What's not to love about a butterfly! WEll done, what a creative way to fix a problem. And your little model looks darling!

  4. Love the new and improved trousers. :-)

  5. LOVE the pants now! Funny enough, my pants always get a hole where the back pocket pulls away from the rest of the jeans. My favorite pair has a HUGE hole now, so I was thinking of sewing fabric into the inside, so that is shows through, but a cute pattern like owls or something. Now I really want to do it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. very cute patch-I love the bracelets

  7. I love that butterfly patch---I'm with your daughter, I like the pants with-patch much better than without. :)

    I love those wrist cuffs, too, the colours and shapes are great. I've joined Whoopdewhoop but have yet to really explore it yet, I have to get on that...

  8. aww how cute was that little patchy thing!! I want to try and do something similar on a cardigan I'm going to make for myself!!

  9. The wrist cuffs are adorable. Hey, the patchwork is great! Do you know how many jeans I've bought for Sister Bear that had patches already on it. Good Call!

  10. very clever!-my son's ruin their jeans so quickly!

    thanks for linking up! (:

  11. Very creative. What a great idea to save clothes. I am following you through the blog hop. Please return the follow at


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