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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ready for Summer

I come from a distinguished line of women that sew.  My grandma and aunt quilt, and my mother sews clothing, and other useful items.  When I was growing up she made me loads of clothing, including swim suits!  She even made my wedding dress.  

Mom adding the lace to my wedding dress

Now she makes stuff for my kids, including a Halloween costume every year.

This is the first one she made the girls, a fairy costume!  We are still getting use of of them!

This year's costumes
Years ago when I was in Grad school my Grandma replaced her sewing machine and gave me her old one.  I still have it today, and I love it well.  I've made a few small/throw quilts (and hopefully one more soon) 
Before the girls decided it was pink or nothing

I sew from time to time. I really would like to take a class and improve my skills, or at least sew more often.

Recently I was having a rustle around in my craft cupboard, because you never know what you might find.  Well I found fabric and a skirt pattern that I bought a couple of summers ago in Michigan.  Viola, I thought, I will whip up a skirt for the summer.  It said right on the pattern, "One Hour!"

Well, they lied or I am terribly slow.  Part of it is time constraints, the kids keep interrupting, dinner needs cooked, you know the drill.  But I've finally finished it, and my daughter (she's 5) kindly took a picture for me.

So that's what I've been up to lately.  I have a couple of dress patterns that are waiting to be made, wish me luck!


  1. what beautiful projects, I love your skirt!

  2. I think the skirt turned out beautifully! Good thing you went digging in the craft cupboard!

  3. It's very lovely! And I love pictures taken by 5 year olds!!

  4. It turned out sooo good and your 5 year old takes great pics. I'm impressed. I've learned never to trust times listed for patterns because I'm always a lot slower.LOL

  5. Either you're a giant, or that is one tiny stove!

    J/K ... lovely skirt, and quiltlet!

  6. I love the sewing history. How great to have a photo of your mum working on your wedding dress. :-)

    I have my grandmother's sewing machine. I love using it so much, but like you, I wish I were more skilled.

  7. Your skirt is adorable even if it didn't take an hour ;-)

    My grandma made me all my outfits and even fitted my favorite 16 inch doll. She tried to teach me how to sew when I was in high school but life/sports/social got in the way. Grandma passed away when I was pregnant with my daughter (her first great-grandchild) and now I wish she were here to teach me how to sew.

    I am glad you have that opportunity to learn and enjoy.

  8. I love it!! I'm hoping to get some quality time with my sewing machine this weekend, too!


  9. I come from a line of sewing-talented women, too, and so looking at your photos and hearing about your family sewing story makes me really happy. :)

    And I love your skirt! I think it looks fantastic on you, and the print is great.

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  11. Love your blog - thanks for sharing about your sewing history and your recent projects. My husband comes from a long line of quilters, and I've made a few, too - love the connection to the generations. I'm your newest follower from the blog hop and would love a follow back - thanks!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  12. totally love the fairy costume!

  13. Hello,
    Cute Skirt! Good Job :) and I think your daughter did a pretty good job taking the pic too :)
    Following you from the hop :) Please stop by and say hi

  14. Wow, the skirt looks great! I just took my sewing machine out of the box and am practicing on how to sew a straight line, lol. Baby steps right? New follower from the hop, hope you can stop by and check me out too!! Happy Sunday!

  15. visiting from relax and surf Sunday. Cute skirt - I am impressed!

  16. You make me feel like I could sew this. At least your kids don't take apart your sewing machine (or do they?!?!?!) My preschooler is fascinated with it.

  17. Cute! I absolutely love skirts!


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