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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A baby red

Hello fellow crafters! This week I've begun steering away from Christmas presents, well, almost.  I cast on a baby blanket for my friend who is having baby #2 in the spring/early summer.  The picture really stinks, you can hardly see the pattern.  It is the baby chalice blanket, and I'm loving the pattern.  How do you feel about the red?  I wasn't sure, but so far I'm  liking it.  I am not a person that thinks babies need pastels colours all the time.  A little visual stimulation is a good thing!

And as is often the case, my nemesis has become my love.  I'm almost done with the Copy Cat Slouch, and once I got over my initial hurdles--I love it! I am seriously thinking about getting another ball of this yarn to make a hat of my own.

I really like the yarn, which is Katia Azteca.  It is 50% wool, 50% acrylic, and the colours are so pretty.  This will be a very late Christmas present, but that's ok, I think it will be worth it!  

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  1. I love baby knits in non pastel colours, so I think a red blanket is a great idea :)

    Love the hat too, lovely colour

  2. I think red is an awesome color for a baby blanket! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. I too, like babies in non-pastel colors. That pattern for the blanket is beautiful. What yarn are you using? I need to make 2 blankets for some preemie babies - I'm thinking a very soft cotton or cotton blend so as to not irritate their delicate skin.

  4. I think babies look cute in bright colours- plus they like them :) So yahy for red!
    And the hat is lovely... the yarn is very pretty!

  5. the blanket looks lovely, the pattern is great, and the red is so cheerful, perfect for a baby i think! cute hat too, it looks so nice in that yarn. i'll be glad to be done with christmas knitting too. :)


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