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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On my needles

I'm working hard to overcome my fear of knitting socks, because, for a long time, I've really wanted to start knitting them.  Is it normal to have certain knitting phobias for no real reason?  I sure hope so.  I'm been learning a few new techniques this past week, so I thought I would throw socks into the mix.  I got this book at the library:

** Ok that didn't show up well at all!  It is called Simple Knitting by Erika Knight.

Inside are several projects I want to attempt, and two are socks.  The first is a chunky thick sock knit on two needles.  "Perfect" I said to myself, that will help me gain confidence before I start on DPN's.  I've also been practising on my DPN's, which I'll show on Friday.

Anyway, I'm almost finished with the first sock, and feeling pretty proud of myself.  A complaint about the book is that you have to "wrap and turn" to make the heel and I had no idea how to do it.  The book doesn't show you!!  I had to hop onto YouTube (much love), but I found a great video that really, really helped.

Besides that I've got another ski mask on the go, much to my daughters delight.  She is a slave driver, and is nagging me endless to finish it so she can have one like her sister.  In all honesty I get bored doing the same thing twice, but this is almost all 2x2 rib and stocking stitch so it is going pretty fast.  The sooner it is done the sooner I can move on to something new!

I finished Lady MacBeth, which I was reading last week---loved it!  I just love historical fiction, especially when it takes place in Scotland!  Yesterday I started Pope Joan, and so far so good.  At the same time I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, but that can be a bit dry so I like a novel at the same time.

Here is where I'm hopping this week, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think it is normal to have fear of new knitting techniques - I was scared to try cables, then socks, now lace...

    Sock knitting can be addictive, just to warn you ;) Once you get that first pair on your feet, bought socks just aren't the same anymore

  2. Your sock is looking great :)

  3. Handkint socks are fab, and the process of knitting them is so addictive as Pinkundine said. As long as you can overcome SSS - the dreaded second sock syndrome lol.
    Love your balaclava's.

  4. Good start on socks. I prefer heel flap and gusset heels over short row heels but maybe that's because my arches are so high that I need some extra length on that heel flap!

    I'm not surprised that there's another ski mask on the go; my brothers and sisters were just like that. Everything had to be fair!

  5. When I started knitting socks, I thought I would never understand the heel thing... Now I can pretty much do them in my sleep - as long as I keep doing that one version. There are so many different heel tutorials out there that I would like to try though... I read Pope Joan a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

  6. I'm a crocheter, but most of my friends knit. I got myself the Erica Knight book to learn and found there were a few techniques left out - good job I can ask my friends.

    Your projects are looking great, and I love the colour of the ski mask :)

  7. Everyone has knitting fears but overcoming that makes you feel great. Your sock look wonderful! You'll be knitting them all the time before you know it. This is a great infant sock pattern that teaches how to knit a sock with a heel flap. It's easy enough to knit a sock in a day. They make great gifts too.

  8. Hey I like the idea of doing socks on two needles, may have to try that out!

  9. I love the feel of handknit socks but, I am not a sock knitter. I tried it once and decided it wasn't for me. :-) Good luck with your sock knitting though!

  10. Anxious to see your ski mask, cool colors. I understand and share the sock phobia. It's on my list, so will be anxious to see how your 2 needle pair goes. You said bulky? The needle looks very small, what size are you using? Agree utube is great I often use it to see how to do something. Sometimes, being visual it's more helpful then written directions it seems.


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