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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still plugging away

Here is a repeat WIP, because I am not making as much progress on it as I would like.  Don't get me wrong, I'm getting there, but I have a terrible habit of knitting several things at once (and I just signed up for two swaps on Ravelry, yikes!).  Speaking of projects, my ninja mask I showed here last week as a WIP is DONE!!  Hopefully I will post as a FO this Friday if my daughter will slow down long enough to get some pictures taken.

Here is how far I've gotten on my short sleeve cardigan:

I'm not being shy, it is just that my 5 year old isn't great on the non-blurry picture taking, and only one of the back pics looked good enough.  I tried taking one myself, but that was a disaster!  At least you get the idea.  I love that this is knit in the round so I can try it on, and that it fits!!  In fact, trying it on has motivated me to devote more attention to it.  I love it!

Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, 100% wool
Pattern: Tappan Zee Cardigan 

What I'm reading:
Now, for my knitting and reading friends, here is what I have on the Kindle right now:

I love that you can get library books on the Kindle.  Sure, sometimes you have to wait ages, but this one was ready right when I wanted it.  I love a good Scottish story!

For more yarn miracles, check out these other creative people:


  1. The cardigan is looking great :)

    I love that it is possible to try all-in-one top down cardigans on as you go - but for some reason I always forget this and put sleeve stitches on a holder rather than scrap yarn so I end up not being able to!

  2. The sweater looks awesome so far!

  3. It's look really great! And so cute your 5 year old took the photo.

    Looking forward to seeing your Ninja mask!

  4. I like your cardigan! The pattern is very pretty.

  5. The cardi looks great. And the picture is pretty good :)

  6. Pretty cardigan. Working it in the round gives the yoke a really nice shape. And really, I think the five year old did pretty well with the photography ;)

  7. Ling the cardi. And a bonus that you can try it as you go along, would definitely keep me knitting for longer!

  8. Your cardigan is going to be so beautiful--I love the color and the pattern! Can't wait until I can knit well enough to attempt a sweater!

  9. Hey, that's pretty good for a five-year old! And the cardigan looks lovely.

  10. I'm impressed that your five year old took that photo! Seamless sweaters are my favorite- they are like instant gratification- in knitting terms that is. :) Yours looks great. I love the detail of the lace and eyelets.


  11. I love that. I think that needs to go into my ravelry queue.

  12. Your sweater looks fantastic! I think your 5 year old did a great job with the photo.

  13. So beautiful, I love your cardigan, I'd forgotten I saved the pattern too. And the photo is so good, well done by your five year old.


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