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Friday, January 27, 2012

A tartan what?

Hello crafty friends, I am feeling happy it is Friday.  Why?  Well I'm getting my hair cut today.  I know, no big deal.  I hate getting hair cuts like I hate going to the dentist.  I am sure there is some deep psychological reason why, but I haven't figured it out.  I hate it even more now that I've got the kids, because pregnancy and the aftermath did awful things to my hair.  I had a blond fro for a while.  However I seriously need a new style.  Or rather, any style.  Anyway, I digress.  By the time my American friends read this, I'll have a new do.

Here's what I've wrapped up this week.........

The slippers!!  They are done, felted, and being worn as I type this.

Here's the info:

Wool: Patons Classic Wool in a denim blue (100g) and a self striping colour (maybe 30g?) and some Fishermans' Wool in cream (mayb 30g?).

I like them.  I ran out of the blue yarn and the striped yarn, which is why the left slipper has cream in it. I actually intended to put one square of cream on the back so I knew which was left, which was right, but there is a bit of 
cream on the side too.

Even with the different yarns, they felted pretty much the same, hurray!  Hopefully these will last!

I also finally finished the toddler pull over for KAS I was working on.  It is knit in Hayfield (I think?) 25% wool, 75% acrylic.  I finally finished off the jumbo 400g ball I had.  Hurray!

Lastly, I had a little sewing project on Thursday.  My girls attend Rainbow's once a week.  This past Tuesday was Burn's Night, and the girls were asked to wear something tartan to the meeting.  Yikes!  I should know by now, having lived this long in Scotland, to have tartan things handy at all times.  Oh wait, I DO have some tartan fabric.

I whipped up these tartan and purple flowers, and just used a safety pin to attach them to their tops. Job done.

That's what I've been up to this week.  Here are the hops:


  1. Cute tartan flower ;)

    Love the slippers, they look awesome! The toddler pullover is really cute too :)

  2. I'm sure you look beautiful!!
    (...and whew, it's over for another few weeks/months!!) :)

  3. Those slippers are rock star. I didn't know what to think when you shared the knitted version last week but the felted FO is awesome. The little sweater is totally adorable too. Enjoy your haircut...I always look forward to mine too.

  4. Mmmm those slippers look lovely warm and cozy! Looks like you've been getting lots done!

  5. OH those little slipper booties look warm!

  6. I like those slippers too. :-)

    I bet your hair looks great!

  7. Those slippers look so cozy, and I actually love the asymmetrical colours. :D I also wish I had one of those toddler pullovers in my size, it looks cozy and the ribbed texture is gorgeous. It will be loved wherever it gets sent. <3

  8. Your tartan flower is super cute. I hope the girls liked them!

  9. Great slippers! I am always on the look out for a good slipper pattern, this one is perfect (I prefer the bootie style) . Good idea marking the different sides. Your tartan flowers are so cute, and perfect looking!

  10. Those slippers are awesome! And hurray for using up stash for such a cute pullover. What a great idea to make the little tartan flowers. I like the layered petals.

  11. I've added those slippers to my list! I really like how they look, and you did a great job on them!

    1. Thank you! They are really easy to do.

  12. Cute top, sweet flower and Awesome Slippers!! I must make some of those.

  13. Love the style of the slippers and they do look very cozy!

  14. Oh those slippers are wonderful! They look cozy and squishy and warm!

  15. Wow, you have been productive this month. Good luck with the haircut!

  16. What fun slippers! They remind me of jester shoes. I like that you used different colors. I hope your new haircut makes you happy.

  17. I adore both Classic Wool and Fisherman's Wool. They are my go-to basic wools for large projects. Your slippers are very cute, and having them in different colors is a great idea to tell the left and right apart. Never thought about that before!


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