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Friday, January 6, 2012

Blueittude Socks

For the next few weeks I'm joining Beth over at Visions of Sugar Plums for her New Year's Sock Challenge.  Here's today's:

January 6th we'll show off our cuffs and leg of the sock.

 I'm using Ann Budd's book, Getting Started Knitting Socks.

I'm using the 8 stitches per inch pattern, with a 6" cuff/leg.
Wool: Cesana sock yarn (from Lidl's).  It is a wool/nylon blend
4 DPN's, size: 3mm

I CO 72 stitches using long tail cast on.  This video helped.
Then I knit 3, purl 1 for 6"

Here's the link to the Turning Heels in the New Year Party:

And of course, I'm doing some knitting other than socks.  I just cast on a sweater for my daughter, I'll try to post on that next Wednesday.  I'm in love with the yarn she chose.  My girls also got a late present from their Aunt in Mississippi, a couple of Barbies.  I was pretty excited, because I loved my Barbie when I was a girl.  I whipped this up:

I found a link through Ravelry of a website with literally over a thousand free Barbie patterns.  Hurray!  I've since completed a skirt, I just don't have a picture yet.

Check out these Blog Hops, and all the wonderful craftiness out in blogland!


  1. That Barbie dress is fab (I kind of want an adult sized one for me now too!)

    Love the way your sock yarn is knitting up, that looks really cool :)

  2. LOVE the Barbie dress. I remember my grandma crocheting dressed for my Barbies. The knitted garments are so much better.

  3. The Barbie dress is wonderful! Your sock looks great! I love the diagonal stripes.

  4. Wooohooo! Great job!! Your socks are greaaaaat!! And i love the barbie clothes....I definitely need to make some!

  5. The Barbie dress is super, I loved getting hand made doll cloths when I was a kidlet! Your daughter will have the best dressed Barbie on the block!

  6. Brings back memories - my first crochet project was a dress for my barbie! Love the yarn!

  7. I LOVED Barbie! Her Barbie will be the best dressed with her knits! Love the dress.

  8. Cute Barbie dress! I often think I should whip some of those up, but they always take longer than I think and somehow seem very fussy at those tiny sizes. So cute, though!

  9. Love the spiral of the yarn on that sock. Barbie looks great! My great aunt knit and sewed her grand-daughter tons of Barbie clothes. I was always jealous!

  10. You found sock yarn in Lidl's? Guess i need to start shopping there! :D

    Thanks for the link to Barbie clothes, my daughter got her first Barbie for Christmas and it would be nice to knit small things ;)

  11. Love the socks so far, the diagonal striping effect looks really interesting! And what a cute Barbie dress, too. The yarn worked up really nicely and it's such a sweet pattern. My mom actually learned to knit as a kid making Barbie clothes, and she made some for my Barbies when I was little, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the whole thing. <3

  12. Thank you so much for the tip on the Barbie patterns! I still have my 1960-ish Barbie and would love to knit her a new wardrobe.

  13. Love the barbie dress. The socks look like they are going to be nice and warm, love the colour.

  14. great to meet another sock knitter! Love your sock wool, Lidl has wonderful sock yarn. be careful though they do shrink even if you stick to the instructions that come with the wool :-/, the socks I knitted for the turning heels in the New Year - logo photo I knitted with Lidl sock wool and now at least two sizes smaller than intended...

    Happy knitting!

    PS could you maybe open your comment section to people who blog without signing up to one of the big providers... and allow comments from Name/url people, thank you!

  15. Wow you are super busy with your needles. Love the sock yarn. I'll be learning how to knit socks this year so will be back to see how yours turn out.

  16. I have to agree, the spiraling on the sock is interesting. I think those will turn out to be quite fun.

    Also, I agree with Barbie's dress. It would really cute in human size.

    Lastly... I was at the Mall of America in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota last week. There was a kiosk with knitted ear warmers, complete with a flower on the side. They were not nearly as nice as yours, but I then noticed several people wearing them. THEN I was in Sonoma, CA this weekend and saw people wearing them there too. :-)


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