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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tiny Tea with a Twist

I will admit that I'm the sort of parent that lets her children dress themselves--no matter how it turns out.  I like to view it as self expression, and everything from spots and stripes to terribly clashing colours is allowed.  To that end, I like to involve the girls when I knit them something.  I want them to wear what I make, or really, what's the point?

Recently we came to the conclusion that they each needed a new jumper.  Both girls were quite specific--they both wanted a pull over sweater, not a cardigan.  We decided on the pattern together (ok, mostly me), and selected Tiny Tea Leaves.  I'll stop you right there, I know it is a cardigan, bear with me.

After much searching from a seemingly endless supply of online yarn stores, the girls agreed on a yarn (the same one, no surprise there).  I ordered the yarn, bought the pattern, got a few extra needles I needed, and then waited for delivery.  I hate waiting.  It took especially long because I ordered it a few days before Christmas, so of course I had to wait until after New Year for it to arrive.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, did I mention I hate waiting?

The yarn they picked is Araucania Aysen in a variety of shades of pink and orange.  I LOVE this yarn.  It is 70% merino, 20% alpaca, 10% silk.  I swear to you, my children have better taste in yarn than I do.  They put me to shame.

I'm not one to mess around with patterns, truth be told.  However, I really like this pattern, so I put my mind to the task.  Fingers crossed it all goes according to plan.  Here is where I'm at so far:

As for reading, I just finished The Luminist by David Rocklin.  It was really very good, I recommend it, especially if you like historical fiction.

I've just picked up the Last Days of Ptolmey Grey by Walter Mosley.  I can't comment just yet on how good it is, it is certainly different that my normal book choice though.  I'll keep you posted.

Lastly, please check out these blog hops:


  1. It's looking fab already :) Excellent yarn choice!

    I love that you let them dress themselves, I always love seeing kids in crazy outfit combinations, much happier than seeing them in perfectly coordinated outfits with no fun in them!

  2. that yarn is just gorgeous!looking so nice knit up!

  3. That yarn looks amazing. Your girls are very lucky to have such a talented mummy!

    Except for school uniform, I'm trying to let my little pick his clothes and dress himself. He spent the entire day yesterday in two different boots with a bright red strand of beads around his neck. It was seriously cute : )

  4. The sweater looks great so far. I'm not an expert knitter, but why not convert a cardigan into a pullover. There may be a few extra stitches in a cardigan because of the overlap where buttons usually go, but that would be good for a pullover -easier to move in. And the yarn is gorgeous. Your girls do have great taste. Expensive, but good.

  5. Your girls are lovely! The yarn color way is perfect, really pretty!

  6. I LOVE my Tea leaves cardi, so I'm sure your girls will LOVE their Tea Leaves Jumpers! It's a gorgeous colour they've picked!

  7. Oh my gosh, that yarn is amazing. And I've heard so much about tea leaves and mini tea leaves that I can stand it no longer - I'm off to Ravelry!

  8. Your girls are so adorable! That yarn is so pretty and the color will look great on them. Good job figuring out how to turn Tiny Tea Leaves into a pullover. I can't wait to see the final results.


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