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Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby boom

It seems to me there is a real baby boom going on right now.  I know of at least 4 people that have just had babies in a 2 week period!  One such couple just had a little girl they named Willow (love that name) and I quickly whipped up a present for them.

This is my favourite baby hat to make, it is fast and I think really cute.  I also used my new-found love of Ravelry to get a pattern for little mitts.  Here is the link:

They are from Spud & Chole, and the blog and 
free patterns are fabulous.  I need more time in the day to knit!

I knit the mitts using magic loop--for the first time.  It really is magic, I'm hook on it now.  Right this minute I am trying to make a bowl to felt--for my first ever felting.  So many firsts lately, I love it.  If you haven't tried magic loop before, here is a great tutorial on youtube:

Being a new blogger, I'm still leaning.  I took several different pictures trying to get the white on the hat and mitts to show up (it is bright white) without being full of glare, and I had little success.  I am still practising with my camera to take good pictures of my crafts, sometimes a hit, often a miss.  I actually quite like this picture above because it reflects the gloom we are having outside right now.  While we can't compete on the scale of blizzards and cyclones, we had some serious wind and rain last night.  I woke up this morning to see this in the garden:

Normally that playhouse is well, right side up, and about 10 feet away from where it is lying.  One of our neighbours had a side of their fence blow down, so I count us lucky.



  1. Wow - it's windy here too but not as bad as Scotland. Our hens refused to get up, they poked their heads out of their house and very quickly retreated all ruffled!
    Love your hat and mitts - I'm sure Willow's folks will be touched by your gift :)

  2. I love the little baby mitts. I've actually knitted a few hats for people who I know with babies but the mitts would be a nice addition. Good call!

    The wind has been the big challenge this week. We got snow but it was the drifts from the wind that stopped life from moving.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday.

  3. Love the little mitts. My bff just had a little boy, maybe I should work some of these guys up for him!

  4. Your hat and mittens are lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy making the sugar cookies! Have a nice weekend.

  5. How I envy you that green grass ...

    Lovely baby stuff :-)

  6. Cute projects! (lucky babies!!!) Wow, I'm glad that fence caught your playhouse before it ended up in Oz!

  7. The hat and mitts are great. The mitts look like an easy way to try out the magic loop method. Thanks for the great idea.

  8. Fun hat! And the mitts are so cute!

  9. The hat and mitts are adorable-sorry you had wind-we had wind here, too-but add about 2 feet of snow on top of it all-brrrrr.

  10. Love the hat and the mittens! It does seem like a lot of babies are being born recently, or people are pregnant.

    That is some SERIOUS wind!

  11. Hee hee... our playhouse looks like that after the boys get to it... I'm glad nothing was damaged. Love the hat and mitts too. Seriously adorable!

  12. That baby hat is wonderful, I love the chevron pattern!

  13. That lacy little hat and pair of mitts are adorable. It is hard to get good pics in the winter gloom but that shot of your backyard is worth a thousand words!


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