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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mug Cosy

Sometimes I have to laugh at the things that I knit--for instance, yesterday I made a mug cosy.  I really don't think my mug needs a cosy, but they are pretty cute, so I decided to just do it anyway.

I used the Mug Jumper pattern on Ravelry.

Yup, that's a brownie box in the background, to go with my tea.

What I have to say after finishing it (twice, the first time my gauge was way off), is that I'm still not satisfied.  It is too long for a normal mug, the one in the picture is a big mug.  Also, I don't really like the ribbing around the handle.  I think it gets in the way of holding the mug.  So while I wasn't sure I even wanted it to begin with, now I am going to keep frogging it and redoing it until I am satisfied.  I will not be defeated by a mug cosy!!  Plus, at the end of the day it is pretty cute!

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  1. super cute! I actually like the way it goes over the handle a little...Though I can see how it would get in the way!

  2. My instant response was ' I want a jersey like that!' It does look good but I can see why you say the 'sleeve' would get in your way every time you picked up the handle. When you rip it back and re-do, don't forget to post a 'mug-shot'!

  3. this is just the cutest thing. i like the ribbing on the handle-it's what makes it different than most.

  4. So cute! I made a few of these for xmas gifts. I agree..a mug doesn't need a cozy but it just fun :)

  5. What a neat way to practice cables...I like it. Of course, I have a huge coffee mug. Really, my one cup is like four cups and I wonder how the pot of coffee goes so quickly ;-)


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