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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tissue Roll Cover

Right now I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I've been attempting to do a make-over of my blog, and so far I like what I've accomplished.  This is truly a learn as you go experiment, and every thing I learn is so much fun!  I've heard Sundays are supposed to be relaxing, but as I've just finished mopping the kitchen floor I'm not so sure.  I swear there are little gremlins that come out while we are sleeping and make the house dirty.  

I've been making some good progress on my knitting.  I finished the cable scarf I started back at Christmas, and now I can't decide whether to keep it for myself or sell it in my Etsy shop.  Perhaps I just let it sit for a while so I can stare and it until I decide.  

I'm not sure if every knitter is the same as I am, but I am addicted to buying yarn/wool.  I just had a parcel arrive yesterday with 400g of wool blend in a lovely cornflour blue colour (thanks Ebay).  While at the same time I just ordered 300g of pure wool to give felting a go.  It is an addiction!

Every now and then I come across a great idea to save money.  Or the environment.  Or my sanity.  Here is one such idea.

11am blog

I wish I could claim credit for this, but I found it while doing a blog hop a few weeks ago.  I refuse to call myself cheap, so pick either frugal, fiscally conservative, or economical.  We do not buy boxes of tissues (Kleenex if you will).  We just go to Cost Co and buy the HUGE supply of toilet tissue, and we use the rolls both in the bathroom, and in various other rooms for our noses.

Toilet roll covers:

This clever idea is a wee cover for your toilet roll so it can look cute, and blend in with your furnishings.  I've done a very brief tutorial, though really you could do it any way that pleased you, all you need is a bag with a drawstring that will fit a roll.  It is my first time attempting to write a tutorial, so please be kind.

First off, bend both ends of the cardboard tube in the middle of the roll.  Then when you have wiggled it loose, pull it out of the centre.

Next, find the inside start of the roll and tease it up through the centre.

For my bags, I had to guess a bit, but I ended up cutting two rectangles that were 8.5" x 10.5"  This size makes the bag pretty tight, so if you want it a bit bigger that's fine.   If you wanted to use a wider ribbon for the drawstring, I would extend the bag to account for it.  I used a very narrow ribbon, because that is what I had in the cupboard.

Sew three sides of the bag, with right sides facing together, leaving one end open.  Next roll the open top down about 1cm, and roll that under again another cm.  Before you sew this top hem, you will want to but a button hole in if you will be using a ribbon tie.  The size of the hole will depend on the size of the ribbon.  Make sure you put the button hole on the inside-facing of the rolled hem, so it will be on the outside of the bag when you turn it inside out.

Sew along edge of hem.  This will give you a rolled hem for the ribbon to go through.  If you were using wider ribbon, make a wider hem.

Turn the bag right-side out.  I use a safety pin attached to one end of the ribbon to thread it through the rolled hem.   Pop in your tissue roll, pull the end of the tissue up, and tie the ribbon in a bow.

for the girls room

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  1. Brilliant! or should I say frugalishus :)

    We still use ours despite being lurgy free, and it makes so much sense in the car - and for a first tutorial - it looks great (and I'm not being kind - I am being honest)

  2. Thank you so much! I was going to attempt to email you to ask you to stop by and see what you thought. I'm glad you beat me to it. Have a fab Sunday.

  3. those are neat..

    Im your newest follower,from Relax and surf sunday blog hop... Id love for you to follow back

  4. Very cute!

    I just found your blog on the Swinging Sunday Blog Hop! Have a great day.

    Amanda @


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