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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I-cord it!

There are lots of reasons for me to be pleased right now
  1. First off I finished one side of the bag I've started, and I've already got a few rows done on the second side.  I have even ordered the handles for it, so I might actually finish it before this next week is over.

  1. My ever so kind husband has decided I need to update my mobile phone--to one that actually has reception!  It will also bring me into this century, with a fancy touch-screen and internet.
  2. With the purchase of the phone, I decided it needed a nice little cozy to keep it safe.  I found a wonderful pattern on Ravelry, which leads us to;
  3. I discovered Ravelry!!  Was I living in a box?  It's not like I never spend time on the internet, I practically live in front of this machine.......and I had eve read/hear/seen the name before but I never went so far as to figure out what the website is.  Don't be foolish like I have been, oh the patterns I could have been browsing this whole time!  But let's not dwell in the past, lets think of all the things I can knit in the future!
  4. Lastly, for now at least, I made my first ever i-cord, and it is COOL!  How could I have gone this long lacking i-cord making abilities? Collective sigh of relief, because now I can!

Whilst browsing through Ravelry I found the coolest pattern for a mobile phone cover/cozy.

Here is the link for the pattern, it is free:
Lacy Cable cell phone cozy

Of if you don't belong to Ravelry (seriously, sign up for free and feast your eyes!) here is the link to a webpage:


Here is a picture of the one I made

There were a few difference from the pattern.  I have never done magic loop (well I'm going to try it now, it looks fab), so I had to make a front and back and sew them together.  It would have been a neater job had it been done in the round.  I also did a bit of crochet around the top, because it was a TINY bit too short for my phone.  If I'm honest I made it without the phone in front of me (hubby was giving it a test drive) so it was all my fault! I also used a bigger needled (3.25mm) because I didn't have anything smaller.  It seemed to work just fine with the yarn I used.




  1. Your cell phone bag is adorable. I've considered making one but now I need to decide if I should knit it, felt it or weave it...ah, big decisions.

    I love the first photo. It will be for a bag? The knitted tree design is gorgeous!

  2. Love the cell phone case/bag! New follower from the hop....

    Suz from Well to Do

  3. I would love to learn how to weave! Felting is next on my long long list. The tree design makes me happy, and I want to make a blanket with it (and other designs) but in the short term I made a quick bag. Just a little something to carry my book and or knitting around in while I'm schlepping the kids hither and yon.

    Thanks Suz, I'll check out your site!


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