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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a week we've had!

Well, I've been busy this week, with a number of things happening in our small corner of the world.  My other half starts his medical finals this week, so he's been away a lot studying.  In the meantime, we got his placement for the next two years, and he is assigned the Aberdeen hospitals for one year, and the Elgin ones for the second.  Yippee!!  We love the north of Scotland, and will be happy to move back up there.  However, that means selling the house, and that means packing.  Ahhhhh!

This week I've been having estate agents around, finding a storage locker (yes, we have too much stuff), and even, yes, packing.  We are going to put a few pieces of furniture and loads of, er, crap, into storage so we can list the house next week.  All that and the kids have been off school, so things are hectic. 

In the mean time, I've been trying to get my craft on.  This past Christmas my mother made me a pair of fleece trousers that are heaven.  The girls were wanting a pair, and I've been surfing the internet for a good price on fleece.  It makes me sad that it is cheaper to buy clothing made in China than to buy the material to make it myself.  Anyway, the cheapest I could find was on Ebay and it was £3.99 a meter plus shipping.  Then yesterday we were in IKEA and as we were leaving I saw fleece blankets on clearance for 99p.  Now THAT is a deal.  Isla and Rori agreed, so we bought two, and took them home to whip up some comfies.

The girls weren't overly pleased at the light blue colour (though it matches mine), but given the price we reached a compromise.  I said I would doctor them a bit with some colour, and they agreed they would be happy.  

I decided to appliqué their first initial, use a patch we had from Granny, and on the other leg add some felt appliqués.  I'm rather pleased at how they turned out.

There is about 2" extra rolled in the cuff for the next growth spurt!

They past the kiddie test, Isla hasn't taken hers off since I let her try them on.  That pleases me beyond any thank you could!

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  1. Brilliant idea! And very cute and creative :-)

  2. super cute. ikea is amazing. i bought cotton sheets to use as curtains awhile ago.


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